Update: This Time It’s Personal!


So I’ve not posted in quite some time, If you are some kind of crazy fan of my blog and you have been checking this blog daily then you haven’t seen very much. I’ve been really busy with work and that means that I’ve not really posted anything…
This may or may not change, I’m still really busy with work, but with different work!


OK maybe not tomorrow… More like a month ago… But you get the idea.

I’ve gone from working for a small to medium UK based company to working for an enormous company based in Silicon Valley, like seriously I was at their main office a few weeks ago and it’s bigger than Disney Land, they even have a turtle pond.

This is really exciting, and it means that I’ll be really busy working learning a hell of a lot of new stuff, but I’m the master of my own time, so long as I deliver I can choose how and when I work which is nice…

In my last job I was almost alway juggling 4-6 customer projects at any time which meant that I was almost always working on something that needed my attention RIGHT NOW, I’m moving to working on a single product just adding features and fixing bugs so hopefully I won’t be in crunch mode all the time and I’ll get a chance to actually have a life…

Work/Life Balance… It’s important!

I’m really excited about this, but it’s also really scary as almost everyone I work with is 8 hours ahead of me, so I don’t really have anyone to ask questions of when I get stuck. This is both a challenge and an opportunity, I’m going to get a hell of a lot better at learning stuff myself…

Anyway… I felt the need to post something as I’ve been ultra quiet for way too long. I’m going to try to post more often, and I’m going to try to not have all my posts be image dumps of Disney Princesses…

If you are a regular reader and you just want my geeky stuff I say so and I’ll try and work out some way to allow you to just see that and not all the other crap I plan on posting. That said this may be the last personal post I ever do and it might be nothing but Pokémon dressed up as Disney Princesses performing Water-Bending forms from Avatar from here on out…

Akiakane Attack on Titan Drawings – Also Envy Catwalk Is An Amazing Cover…

You know when you find an artist through a really odd chain of events? That’s how I found these awesome Attack on Titan drawings by Akiakane (Twitter/Deviant Art). I was listening to random Japanese music on YouTube and building up a playlist of stuff I liked so I could listen to later, and one song stuck with me so I looked into it.

The song is Envy Catwalk which is apparently from one of the Hatsune Miku vocaloid games:

I’ve since listened to the original and I still don’t get the hype behind Vocaloids but I do like Akiakane’s version. Apparently she is an “Utaite” which is a name for people who post cover’s of songs on a particular Japanese music website, she’s apparently dubbed “The Screaming Cinderella”. I’ve since listened to a few of her songs and some are really good, some aren’t – but you win some you lose some…

Any way, if you watch the videos of her songs, you’ll notice the graphic design is stunning this is the image for the above song, it reminds me of the artwork in Persona 4:

Turns out she’s an artist and she’s done a bunch of drawings of some of the characters from Attack on Titan, I thought you might like to see them:

Update: Well this is embarrassing, the video I posted above is A: Not by Akiakane and B: A 1 hour compilation of songs…

The song above is Reol’s verson:

Akiakane’s version is this one:

If I’m being honest, I prefer the Reol version…



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Street Fighter: Monopoly Edition

You know what computer game series was crying out for a Monopoly edition? Street Fighter! No not really…

Although, to be honest, I’m not sure that any game is “Crying out for a Monopoly  edition”. The little metal figures look nice I guess, and the art is nice, but aside from that it’s the same, game that has ruined Christmas for families for decades.


Pixel Pants: 8 Bit Underwear

So this Indie Go Go campaign to fund pixelated Underwear is happening. I can’t help but think that the pixels round the edges won’t keep their shape though or will just fold in on themselves.

Still if you are interested more power to you, I’d fund it but I’m not sure they’d suit my not so “girlish” figure. They would go perfectly with these pixelated high heels though…

Let it Go(T) – Frozen Game of Thrones Mashup (Spoilers to Season 4 Episode 2)


Unless you are up to date with last week’s episode there are spoilers in this video, but it’s quite amusing.

43 Cartoon Theme Song Orchestral Mashup

Are you ready for a nostalgia fest? The Carnage Hall and Ensemble play 43 cartoon theme songs. And all is good in the world.

1. Avatar: The Last Airbender 00:00
2. Transformers 00:14
3. Pokemon 00:17
4. Captain Planet 00:23
5. X-Men Evolution 00:27
6. Sailor Moon 00:35
7. Neon Genesis Evangelion 00:39
8. Powerpuff Girls 00:43
9. South Park 00:52
10. CatDog 00:56
11. G.I. Joe 01:03
12. Family Guy 01:08
13. Pinky and the Brain 01:15
14. Pink Panther 01:19
15. Dexter’s Laboratory & Rescue Rangers 01:24
16. Spiderman 01:37
17. Inspector Gadget 01:44
18. Adventure Time 01:54
19. Babar & Gummi Bears 02:03
20. Madeline 02:07
21. Smurfs 02:13
22. Doug & Rugrats 02:18
23. Care Bears 02:30
24. Dora the Explorer 02:34
25. Rocko’s Modern Life 02:39
26. Spongebob Squarepants 02:42
27. Futurama & Magic School Bus 02:47
28. Muppet Babies 02:53
29. The Simpsons 02:57
30. Hey Arnold! & Peanuts 03:02
31. He-Man (Masters of the Universe) 03:10
32. Dragon Ball Z 03:12
33. Thundercats 03:18
34. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 03:23
35. Johnny Bravo 03:32
36. Anamaniacs 03:39
37. Tiny Toon Adventures 03:51
38. Goof Troop 03:56
39. Duck Tales 04:01
40. Bobby’s World 04:07
41. The Jetsons 04:12
42. The Flintstones 04:17
43. Looney Tunes 04:24

The Official “Fun vs. Effort” Graph of Pets

As someone who has had a number of the animals on this chart I can confirm that Dragons are very high effort but also have a very high fun value.

I can also confirm that tropical fish are a heck of a lot more hassle than you think they are going to be especially if you have discus…

Via CollegeHumor