I just got back from the cinema having watched Sunshine the latest film by Danny Boyle the director of cult films Trainspotting and 28 Days later two of the best films featuring heroine addiction and zombies respectively.

I went in not expecting to be amazed but expecting to be entertained none the less, I was not disappointed. The premise of the film is that some time in the future The Sun is dying (No not that Sun, shame…). The cast are the crew of the second mission to try to reignite The Sun with a nuclear explosive the size of Manhattan Island, the first mission having been a mysterious failure 7 years previously.

Describing much more of the film would spoil the plot, suffice it to say that everything does not go to plan. This film is a good example of the trap a bunch of people in a small place and they will go nuts scenario, expect moral dilemmas, cabin feaver, explosions and a confusing ending which dabbles in metaphysics.

Part 2001: A Space Odyssey (Spot the Monoliths near the end), part Event Horizon this is a gripping tale that focuses on how things can go horribly wrong in space, and why religious people should never be sent on scientific missions…

Well worth going to see at the cinema.

Author: Omar

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