Japanese Assessment

I’ve had to hand in my final assessment for my Japanese evening class. We were to write a letter to a travel agent asking information on festivals:

I ran my letter through Babelfish, suffice it to say that my confidence in online translation and my own abbilities to formulate sentences in Japanese has been shattered.

Here is What I put in:

????????????????????????????????????? ????????


???????(?)?????????????????? ???(??????)???(?)???????????????(?)???????????????????????(??)?????????????????(????)????(?)?????(??)???????????????(?)???????????????????


Here is what Babel fish thought I wrote:

It is dense, it is, it is the ? ? like this ? ? ? plain gauze, it began, please the way, the ? it does and the ? asks. Me (transferring) summer of this year () July (it does and the ?drills) from October (the ? ?) to Japan (Japan) line (to be) would like to come, is. You look at enshrining and (seeing) want is, the Kyoto ? it is as for enshrining interestingly (the sewer bearing ?) the ? to see, don’t you think? (seeing) it increases. Enshrining seeing (seeing) you want, is! . The male is completed is enshrining what (what)? Music of the ? ? ? leprosy (it is the ?) hearing (coming) the thought which would like to come (the main thing) it is the ?, and the ? seeing to be, you see densely and (seeing) want is, it is very funny, is. Thank you it does very much. It passes, concave and the ?. Don’t you think?, it waited.

And here is what I had intended to write:

Good afternoon Travel Agent (Person), pleased to meet you.

This summer I would like to come to Japan from August to October.

I would like to see some festivals, The Kyoto Gion Matsuri looks interesting. I want to see others festivals as well! What festivals do you recommend?

I want to hear traditional music, and I want to see Taiko (Drumming) group performance, it’s very interesting.

Thank you very much, please reply soon (Unsure of translation).

See you later, good bye.

I’m so going to fail…

I’d like to thank Babelfish, The Japanese Page, and JDict (A Japanese dictionary), as well as my lonely planet phrase book… Handled like a pro.

This post brought to you by the letters From A to Z and the Particle ?…

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