Partial Move

I’m not actually moving blog, but as of… “soon”, I’ll hopefully be starting a more professional Blog as Bang Equals or !=.

I aim to talk about professional issues in software development and to cover other stuff as well such as interface and game design.

Heres hoping it works out.

I’ve only just registered the domain so it will take some time to go live, and for me to install everything, and get it all running. But in the mean time I am banding about ideas for articles.


[Update 05/11/2007 – Omar]

It’s Live just need to get rid of the Service provider banner and write some content for it…

[Update (2) 02/07/2008 – Omar]

Despite it being live for a good few months now, I’m experiencing an issue with wordpress that I’ve not had the time to resolve. It seems to just point back to here. Oh well I’ll try and resolve it soon, it’s not like I have any readers to piss off by not posting anything.

[Update (3) 02/07/2008 – Omar]

Fixed it! not sure how I set the siteurl and the home entires in the options database to be which I’d tried previously but for some reason hadn’t worked…

Oh well it’s workign now.