Chronotrigger DS (So happy I could cry)

I saw on Joystiq a site with a countdown clock for a project called ctds… it can only be Chronotrigger on the DS! I almost wept for joy (Thats really sad isn’t it).

Especially after square shut down Chrono Resurrection which looked quite promising. I’ve been meaning to drag out my SNES for months to play chronotrigger, now it’s looking like I might be playing it on my way to work.

Cant wait…

Pacman Cake

My friend Jennie made me this amazing pacman cake for my birthday.

It’s a banana cake with yummy butter icing.

The Ghosts were banana, whitechocholate and cherry cupcakes covered in sugar icing. Everyone felt guilty eating them they looked so cute.

Of course that didn’t stop Annabel…

Shee looks a bit manic in that photo…