New Ghibli Film (Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea)

The masters of anime that makes no sense but remains fun, entertaining and incredibly cute are releasing a new film, Ponyo on the Cliff by the sea (??????? Gake no Ue No Ponyo) which seems to be about a gold fish who wan’t to be human who meets a five year old boy.

The cynic in me thinks that from the trailer this is going to go over the threashhold of cuteness that I can handle. The theme music in the trailer is sickeningly cute to say the least.

The jaded cartoon watcher in me thinks this is going to a japanese version of the little mermaid meets Finding Nemo in the same way that spirited away was Alice in wonderland on Acid.

But all in all I cant help looking forward to this, maybe it’s because I just like everything that Ghibli have come up with. I do however with they’d do more serious anime like the amazing but incredibly depressing Grave of the fireflies… Although thats not by Miyazaki, it has to be my favourite Ghibli film, even if I have to watch My Neighbor Totoro after it to cheer myself up.

Banana Enema Massage?

I snapped this photo while I was in Japan a couple of years ago.

Kitemas: Keep it!! enema massage systemI’m sorry but given the definition of enema:

enema noun (enemas or enemata) medicine 1 the injection of a liquid into the rectum, eg to clean it out or to introduce medication. 2 the liquid injected.

source Chambers Online Dictionary.

I’m just flabbergasted… The Icing on the cake is the banana on the box, just what is that supposed to imply…

Optimus prime cake…

Not quite as good as the pacman cake Jennie made for me this year, but given the response the pacman cake garnered yesterday I figured I’d post this.

Last year Jennie made me a transformers cake in the shape of Optimus Prime (I can’t really think of a good pun for that caketimus prime just sounds lame).

The cake is a mixture of carrot cake (My favourite cake) and chocolate cake (everyones favourite cake), the wheels were made from sugar icing and were ludicrously sweet.

Contrary to what many people seem to have inferred Jennie is not my girl friend, she’s my girl friends ex-flatmate, who just happens to be obssessed with making cake.

If people are still interested in Jennies cakes I’ll see if I can’t get her to dig up some more. Maybe even set up a cake blog for her.