Optimus prime cake…

Not quite as good as the pacman cake Jennie made for me this year, but given the response the pacman cake garnered yesterday I figured I’d post this.

Last year Jennie made me a transformers cake in the shape of Optimus Prime (I can’t really think of a good pun for that caketimus prime just sounds lame).

The cake is a mixture of carrot cake (My favourite cake) and chocolate cake (everyones favourite cake), the wheels were made from sugar icing and were ludicrously sweet.

Contrary to what many people seem to have inferred Jennie is not my girl friend, she’s my girl friends ex-flatmate, who just happens to be obssessed with making cake.

If people are still interested in Jennies cakes I’ll see if I can’t get her to dig up some more. Maybe even set up a cake blog for her.

Author: Omar

Omar is the main/only contributor to Ohmz.net. He is a Computer Programmer based in Glasgow Scotland.

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