Kanji Worksheets

I’ve put together a couple of kanji worksheets for anyone wanting to help themselves learn kanji.

The first sheet has all of the Grade 1 kanji and the 2nd has the first half of the Grade 2 kanji.

The idea is you trace over the grey character in the 2nd and 3rd columns then try it yourself without any assistance in the blank columns.

Kanji Worksheet 1,Kanji Worksheet 2

I’ve also made a list of all the level 1 kanji. Maybe print it out and put it up some place you’ll see it often and you will absorb it via osmosis, or you could use it as a quick reference.

Level 1 Kanji List

I’ll work on putting together some more (At least the rest of Grade 2) as soon as I can, I’ll take into account any comments anyone puts forward, but for the time being enjoy.