Square Enix Release an iPod RPG

I saw an article about this on Verbal Spew and a quick google led me to Joystiq’s coverage of the new sqeenix RPG for the… iPod… Song Summoner is apparently a final fantasy tactics like game which generates your army from the songs on your iPod.

Song Summoner

Similar to Barcode Battler the game uses the songs on your iPod to create your characters, which is in a way quite innovative, I do wonder if it will lead toa surge of people buyying/ downloading certain tracks because they produce superior characters, if so it’s a great if sneaky idea by apple to covertly promote the iTunes store.

The Features sound amazing… After the break.

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Glasgow Aflame!

I just got home having heard about the fire in a scrap yard in renfrew. I hadn’t realised just how close thefire is t my house… It’s litterally accross the river!

When I came into the Development I was greeted to this image:

Which is scary enough, I went closer to the river and it’s a huge inferno! Crazy…

Fire in renfrew

It’s scary how close it is, I’m wierded out by the smoke not being all over the area I live in, You could actually smell the smoke on Byres Road which is miles away from it, but I can’t smell it here.