Square Enix Release an iPod RPG

I saw an article about this on Verbal Spew and a quick google led me to Joystiq’s coverage of the new sqeenix RPG for the… iPod… Song Summoner is apparently a final fantasy tactics like game which generates your army from the songs on your iPod.

Song Summoner

Similar to Barcode Battler the game uses the songs on your iPod to create your characters, which is in a way quite innovative, I do wonder if it will lead toa surge of people buyying/ downloading certain tracks because they produce superior characters, if so it’s a great if sneaky idea by apple to covertly promote the iTunes store.

The Features sound amazing… After the break.


  • Transform your iPod songs into “Tune Troopers” to combat the evil Mechanical Militia
  • Tune Trooper types and abilities are determined by the songs used to create them
  • Your Tune Troopers can be powered up even outside of the game–just by listening to the songs you used to create them!
  • Control Ziggy, a “Conductor” that creates warriors out of music, and guide him through his journey to save his brother Zero from the Mechanical Militia
  • Experience a turn-based tactics battle system, divided into player and enemy phases where each side takes turns maneuvering their forces
  • Deploy the right troopers at the right time, and use contraptions found on the map effectively to achieve victory in battle!
  • iPod Click Wheelallows players to play the game as easily as selecting music
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