Cringeworthy pick up-lines trancend language…

I skimmed over this post about french pick up lines appatently they are exacly the same as they are in English… Insanely cheesy, verging on creepy, and usually just plain rubbish…

My favourite is this one:

Est-ce que tu crois au coup de foudre au premier regard ou est-ce que je dois repasser ?
(Do you believe in love at first sight? Or should I walk by again?)

I know that pick up lines serve a purpose, they break the ice and give you a reason to talk to somone, but sometimes they are enough to drive somone away from the sheer horror of what you just said to them.

Mobile Phone Companies Suck

Yesterday Annabel phoned up Orange (No they aren’t getting a link) to request her PAC code, becuase she wanted to get a T-Mobile G1, the guy was lovely on the phone and he said she’d have to the code in the post in 2-3 days. Which is great.

Now normally when you request a PAC code your phone remains active untill you use it. It takes a week or so for your number to transfer, at which point your phone will lose signal, you restart your new phone and hey presto you have your old number on your shiny new phone on your shiny new network.


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