Fansubs are funny…

Pleasure fish
I'll now procede to pleasure myself with this fish.

Japanator hava an absolutely hilarious post on amusing fansubs. My absolute favourite is above, but there are quite a few really funny ones.

Here is another, which tickled me a little.

Moo means moo
Moo means Moo

Eerie Japanese music video: Take it easy, Okay?

This Eerie Japanese music video has amazing visuals, I especially like the Guitar hero esque bit with the tabliture sliding accross the screen. The vocals are almost hypnotic…

The Song is called “Yukkuri Shiteitte ne!” or Take it easy, okay? and is apparently made using Vocaloid (Wikipedia link) which is a sound processor made by yamaha that will sing your lyrics for you, the voice used is Hatsune Miku, which is surprisingly a Japanese female voice. Hatsune Miku (???? or ????) translates to First sound future.

Hatsu (?) = First.
Ne (?) = Sound.
Miku (??) = Future.

Crazy what you learn from watching a random video on You Tube…