Clifford Stoll 18 Minute TED Talk

This guy is my hero, I remember reading The Cuckoo’s Egg in high school, a true story written by him about how he caught a KGB agent hacking into the department of defence network using an Apple Mac back before there was a internet, and feeling inspired.

He has a wonderful mind and has some good things to say here, he’s also by the looks of things completely nuts, I can’t believe that after all this time (It must be 15 or so years since I read his book) I’ve put a face to the name…

Bright Future – ????? (Akarui Mirai)

I read this post about electrontic recycling in Japan on Boing Boing and it reminded me of a Japanese film I watched a while ago called Bright Future (?????, Akarui Mirai).

It’s a quaint film about a guy and his best friend’s dad dealing with his best friend going to jail for murdering his boss. It’s a bit of and odd film involving Murder and Jellyfish.

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Inability to sit still.

I find it milldly amusing that two stumbles in a row stumbled upon gave me something to do with not being able to sit still. Especially when I’m feeling like I’d rather be running around the house than, doing work.

The first a quote by Blaise Pascal:

“I have discovered that all human evil comes from this, man’s being unable to sit still in a room.”

And the second a video by Keith Schofieled about drugs.
The video is actually a music video of a song called “I can’t sit still” by Wintergreen with the method of synthesizing a number of mind altering substances using household ingredients, you can find the original video here.
As a T-Totaler I’m don’t really condone drug use, but I find it interesting that despite the amount of legislation there is out there on this kind of stuff that it’s that easy to do.
Do not try this at home, you might kill yourself if you get it wrong.
Video after the break… (Warning it autoplays, I’ve tried to get it not to)
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Micky Mouse + Optimus Prime = Awesome!

In Robot Mode
In Robot Mode

Big bad Toy Store are taking preorders for this amazing Optimus Prime Mickey Mouse mashup. It’s great how it maintains both the Disney stylings and the transformers aethetic. It’s so much better done thatn the Starwars transformers crossover which seems to lose the essence of Darth vader in exchange for transformability.

The wonderful thing about this piece is that it actually transforms into a truck, which again manages to look like a Disney esque caracature of Optimus Prime in truck mode.

Image of transformed mode after the Break.

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