Bright Future – ????? (Akarui Mirai)

I read this post about electrontic recycling in Japan on Boing Boing and it reminded me of a Japanese film I watched a while ago called Bright Future (?????, Akarui Mirai).

It’s a quaint film about a guy and his best friend’s dad dealing with his best friend going to jail for murdering his boss. It’s a bit of and odd film involving Murder and Jellyfish.

The film starts off with two friends Yuji and Mamoru, who are a pair of complete loosers, living day to day as workers in a factory. Thier lives both change when Mamoru murders his boss and is sentenced to death, this is where the film truely begins, and it’s mostly about Yuji and Mamoru’s father Shin-Ichi dealing with whats happened, and the strange relationship that forms between the two of them.

The plot isn’t what you watch this film for, it’s the characters which are all completely bonkers, Mamoru is obssessed with his poisonous Jelly fish, and when he goes to prison he passes the obscession on to his friend Yuji. Who inadvertantly releases it into the Tokyo water system.

Yuji is your typical disenfranchised good for nothing youth, who has a sister who constantly lectures him about his life, and enjoys playing video games, but is rubbish at them (I can sympathise).

Shin-Ischi is a recycler, which is why the Boing Boing article reminded me of the film, he spends his days driving about picking up discarded electrical items, fixing them and selling them on. At the point where Mamoru gets sent to prison Shin hasn’t seen him in 10 years, and he desperately tries to make sense of the situation.

It’s a touching tale really, parts of it don’t make sense, but then again that might be due to translation, the characters are all rich and as I said earlier a bit nuts, which makes them interesting to watch.

On a side note I’ve the word for future is the same as the word used in Hatsune Miku (???? or ????) Miku and Mirai are the same word except I think Miku is the dictionary form.

? Means not yet and ? means it comes, so ?? means that which has not yet come….

See this is educational…

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