I have no keyboard but I must Blog…

I really don’t know what to write about, I’m currently avoiding going to bed by blogging while annabel is alternatively kicking ass and getting mauled while playing Drakes Fortune on my PS.

I’ve got an enourmous urge to do some writing but with only 28% left on my laptops battery and a mind made of mush it’s unlikely to happen.

I’ve registered a new domain, MyNoWriMo.net which at the moment has a placeholder page for my newest and shiniest project, which I haven’t started working on yet. My No Wri Mo or My Novel Writing Month, the Idea is to have a site where you can register and start a Novel Writing frenzy akin to NaNoWriMo any time of the year, trying to harness the motivation that working to a dealine gives you. The Idea is that many people are Busy in November for one reason or another, and can’t make NaNoWriMo so I’d let them do it all year round.

I’m still in the brainstorming phase at the moment and I’ve not written any code, I’ve got a vaugue idea of what the database tables for phase 1 will look like, which is of no use to anyone but me but it’s a start.

I plan on harnessing the power of achivements and badges to motivate people and keep them coming, basically you will get somthing like writer points for doing stuff. Badges for starting a wrimo finishing one, statying on target for x days etc. Eventually there will be badges for inviting people and for organising write ins and events in real life.

As I may have said it’s all a bit up in the air.

But I have a domain name and I have a twitter account, which to be honest is all that really matters.

Anyway my laptop is about to pass out and I am too, so I’m going to leave it at that.