Story Idea: I for one welcome our <x> Overlords

So I’ve thought up an idea for a seris of short stories that I’d like to work one. The basic premise is things that seems totally harmless rising up and taking ove the world.

I’ve so far got an idea for two of these, one is based partly on a dream I had a fewweeks ago and partly on a Poem/Song I wrote when I was 15 (I’ve got no idea where the poem is now, I may have a copy on my web server), the other is based on a random thought I had yesterday while tidying up the house, which as I was tidying just grew and grew.

I’m going to try to write these up as soon as I can, they shouldn’t come to more than 1k words.

But to give you a teaser The working titles are:

“I for one welcome our Faery overlords” and “Rise of the Butterflies.”

I’ve scribbled down the opening sentence of each of them on a scrap of paper, because I know that for me that is the hardest part.

Anyway I’ve got paid work to do at the moment.

Once Again I fail to go to sleep…

I’ve upgraded my word press install, and mucked about with it a bit. But I’ve failed to go to sleep.

I’ve also failed to have Dinner… Which means that today I have had lunch and… er… well thats about it.

I’m only vauguely hungry so part of me is thinking that I might just go to bed and worry about it tomorrow. Only I’m out of bread and milk and well a few other things that I’d considder having for breakfast.

I’m sure I’ll figure someting out, I think there are Eggs in the fridge… Could have them, I think, assuming they aren’t off…

Curses, working at home means that I don’t go to the shops.

Any way, I have spent this evening tidying the house, so it is both spic and span. Just a few nick nacks to sort before Annabels parents arrive tomorrow.

I’ve failed to mow the lawn because it despite being sunny most of the day we had a torrential down pour for half an hour which means the grass is wet, and I am never ever cutting the grass when it is wet again. Not after last time. I still have Nightmares of the Horrors that were unleased on that fatefull day.