Story Idea: Rebel Clone

This idea is roughlt based on a dream I had, in my dream I was a clone of myself and I was being forced to work writing software. As with most dreams it was a bit vague. But it spawned and idea in my head.

The idea has evolved into a much bigger idea of a group of short stories concerning clones. Much like how Issac Asimov covered the ethics and issues concerned in robotics the idea is to cover similar ground with clones.

The first story is about a scientist who clones himself to get more work done but treats his clone like a slave. The clone then rebels and tries to run away. Possibly killing the scientist in the process. I’m unsure of how the rest of it pans out.

Other ideas I’ve had involve clons with shared consciesness all controlled by whomever is cloned, and the issues that would arise when one of the clones became self aware.

I’ll have to spend some time thinking on this to see if I can formulate some bettter Ideas for the more short stories. I just wanted to get the idea down, now before I forgot about it.

Author: Omar

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