Camille O’Sullivan: Theatre Royal Glasgow (Sun, 14th June)

I’ve been exploring new music lately using and some how this lead to me finding out that there was a gig by some half Irish half French Cabaret singer called Camille O’Sullivan, I think I’d been listening to the either the Cabaret or Dark Cabaret tag having moved on from listening to the Dresden Dolls and Amanda Palmer.

Anyway to cut a long story short, I decided that as Annabel and I would have been going out for 4 years on the 4th of June that it would be nice to do something and having previewed Camille’s material on youtube I figured why the hell not. So I told Annabel to make sure she wasn’t doing anything on the 14th and booked the tickets. I refused to tell Annabel what we were goign to see, and she didn’t know what was going on till Camille walked onto stage and started singing. I was a bit nervous becase I wasn’t entirely sure that:

A. Camille was any good.

B. That Annabel would enjoy the show.

My fears were thrown to the side when Camille came on stage and started singing, she has an amazing voice, and is a great show-person. She mixes serious themes with the absurd, some of her songs had me laughing at the bizzarre humour, others were deeply touching. With a Powerful voice and an amazing set of songs Camille blew us both away.

Having never heard of Camille before we went to the Gig I can’t really reconstruct the setlist, a few highlights were the haunting Look Mummy (No Hands) originally written by Fascinating Aïda, The hilarious in these shoes by Kirsty MacColl, and Hurt originally by Nine Inch Nails but recently covered by Johnny Cash.

All in all the show was amazing and we plan on going to see her again when she plays the fringe later this year, in case you are curious here are some Youtube videos of her shows:

In these shoes:

Look Mummy (No Hands):


DSLR Madness…

Canon EOS 500D

I’m getting a DSLR for my birthday, so I’ve been spending my free time researching photography. I’ve never had a proper camera before so it’s a bit intimidating.
I’ve found some very good tutorials on the DigitialPhotography School though.

I’m going to have to re-upgrade my flicker account to Pro, and start uploading photo’s, I have some time though as despite it being my birthday today I wont be getting the camera till my parents arrive in early August.

I’ve always wanted to take up photography as a hobby but I’ve never had a good enough camera, so I asked my parents for some money towards a 2nd hand camera for my birthday this year.

Next thing I knew they phoned me up to ask me if I’d heard of the EOS 500D but got my answering machine, by the time I called them back they told me they’d already bought it… I told them it was crazy and that they’d spent too much money, but apparently they got a good price. I’m not complaining, it’s an amazing camera I’m in fact flabberghated as I’d been expecting to have a 350D or at best a 400D, the 500D is the highest end entry level camera Canon do, and it’s almost got all the features of the 5D which is thier first semi-pro camera…

Anyway the upshot of this is that when I get my camera I’ll be posting the odd photo here, mainly ones that I am especially proud of, but I’ll also probably be doing some photo projects to get my skills up to scratch.