DSLR Madness…

Canon EOS 500D

I’m getting a DSLR for my birthday, so I’ve been spending my free time researching photography. I’ve never had a proper camera before so it’s a bit intimidating.
I’ve found some very good tutorials on the DigitialPhotography School though.

I’m going to have to re-upgrade my flicker account to Pro, and start uploading photo’s, I have some time though as despite it being my birthday today I wont be getting the camera till my parents arrive in early August.

I’ve always wanted to take up photography as a hobby but I’ve never had a good enough camera, so I asked my parents for some money towards a 2nd hand camera for my birthday this year.

Next thing I knew they phoned me up to ask me if I’d heard of the EOS 500D but got my answering machine, by the time I called them back they told me they’d already bought it… I told them it was crazy and that they’d spent too much money, but apparently they got a good price. I’m not complaining, it’s an amazing camera I’m in fact flabberghated as I’d been expecting to have a 350D or at best a 400D, the 500D is the highest end entry level camera Canon do, and it’s almost got all the features of the 5D which is thier first semi-pro camera…

Anyway the upshot of this is that when I get my camera I’ll be posting the odd photo here, mainly ones that I am especially proud of, but I’ll also probably be doing some photo projects to get my skills up to scratch.

Author: Omar

Omar is the main/only contributor to Ohmz.net. He is a Computer Programmer based in Glasgow Scotland.

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