Birthday Yayness!

It was my birthday yesterday, at work I was embarressed by a crowd of people coming into my bit of the office and singing happy birthday to me, which was fun, I even got a card.

We had a lovely evening wondering through the park and then to Morrisons for supplies, then Annabel cooked dinner. She cooked duck in a a sweet honey sauce, with potatoes, beans and asparagus… It was amazing! She can cook more often from now on 🙂

After that we watched the Golden Compass.

Annabel got me some amazing presents including Absolute Sandman Volume 2, Watchmen (The comic not the movie), Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty for the PS3 (Pirate Robots Yarrr), The Prince of Persia Game for the Xbox 360, and the first disk of Death Note. I think she went a little crazy… But apparently shopping for somone else is just as fun but guilt free.

I’ve only had a chance to play Ratched and Clank because by that point we wanted to do something quick and simple before bed, it’s quite fun, and more challenging in parts than I would expect, I might have to invest in Tools of destruction if I see it going cheap.

I also found out that my birthday yesterday marked the first Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Day maybe I should look for a new profession, the only reason I do what I do at the moment is because I feel obliged to because i share my birthday with Alan Turing.

The Chef with her masterpiece:

We also had cake with a million candles:

Which looked pretty when Lit:

And unfortunately a little blurry while being blown out…


Must remember that if I like Death Note I’ve seen the complete box set quite cheap on Amazon here: