Brainstorming: Land of the magic fish

Annabel and I had a random brainstorming exercise yesterday, none of it was meant to be serious but the Idea was to create the premise for a fantasy story.

The premise we came up with was a world where people gained magical powers by eating fish… In this world fish were very scarce and consuming different types of fish gave you different magical abilities. These abilities would fade with time so “Wizards” would have to maintain a steady supply of fish.

The amount of magical power that a person could hold varied from person to person, so it was not just the consumption of fish that made you powerful but also possessing the innate ability to contain that power.
We came up with a number of types of fish and what powers they would imbue:

  • Trout: give you the power to change the colour of things.
  • Anchovies: allow you to expel a stinky gas cloud.
  • Flying fish: imbue you with the ability to jump high.
  • Mussels make you stronger.
  • Sharks give you the power to drain other peoples power.
  • And last but not least Fugu which is what our plat centers about.
    Fugu is very rare but eating the right bit of it will permanently increase the amount of magic you can hold, however eating the wrong bit of fugu will kill you. Fugu is also really really rare.

The main character of the story starts off as a lowly slave to a wizard who has gotten hold of some fugu, now the wizard not knowing which bits of the fugu are deadly and which give you powers decides to experiment on his slaves, feeding different slaves different parts of the fugu. the character lucks out and is fed the bit that makes you more magical. One would assume at least one slave dies. The main character then escapes. and Hijinks ensue.