Graphic Novel: Burke and Hare

I’d love for this to be a review, it’s not, I’ve not even ordered this yet but I plan on doing so as soon as my pay check come in at the end of the month.

A graphic novel illustrated by one of my friends “Pix” (Will Pickering) is being released on the 3rd of October, in the mean time you can preorder it on Amazon.

Or alternatively you can watch the trailer on You Tube:

I’ve known Pix for 11 years and this could be his big break, so support a local artist. Pix put a ridiculous ammount of effort into the art, spendign days hunting down the likenesses of even incidental characters who appear in the story. Seeing him work on this has made me appreciate how much effort goes into making a comic.

As a side note Pix ran for the rectorship of Glasgow University a few years back, he lost to Ross Kemp, who later resigned, Pix would have done a better job.

‘Burke & Hare’ is published by Insomnia Publications. Written by Martin Conaghan, art by Will Pickering. Cover by Rian Hughes, introduction by Judge Dredd writer Alan Grant. Gallery art by Frank Quitely, Gary Erskine et al

It’s priced at £12.99

Author: Omar

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