NaNoWriMo: Here we go again…

Despite my last failed attempt at NaNoWriMo I’m going to try again. This time without the support of having somone else in the house doing it, which is -I think- going to make it harder.

Last year I managed something like 4000 words less than a 10th of what I needed to do, it was to say the least disappointing.This year I’m messing about with two ideas in my head.

The First is/was one of my options for last year, so it’s had time to incubate in my mind for a while, but it’s also had time to stagnate… It’s a story about people waking up on an space station years after they were put to sleep and finding the world a totally different place. As far as they can tell people completely messed up earth and the last vestiges of society are living on the space station as a primitive tribe who worship the ships computer because it keeps them alive.

The story is based on a dream I had a just over a year ago. But it’s quite similar to the premise for Pandorum… Well it’s not actually anything like it, but there are some similarities, enough for me to have gotten annoyed when I saw the trailers for Pandorum. I’ve got a set of notes for it written down somewhere.

My second option is about a slave revolt on the building site of an ancient temple. It’s still embryonic at the moment I have an Idea of who some of the characters are going to be, why the revolt will happen, etc. I think it will be set in a society heavilly inspired by the ancient Egyptians, but possibly drawing influence from other cultures of the time. I’d like it to be quite brutal, but I’m worried that the ending I have in mind is a bit silly.

I might also trail back at the various story ideas I’ve posted here and use one of those instead. I dunno.

Anyway Nanowrimo starts in 22 days, so I’ll need to figure something out by then.

I’m considdering posting what there is of last years attempt here, it’s broken down into a set of scenes and the plot was only just begining to surface so most of it is fairly stand alone.

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