NaNoWriMo 2008: Chapter 1

This is my attempt at publishing what there is of my attempt at NaNoWriMo last year in the run up to this years NaNoWriMo.

“Shit! Shit! Shit!” Blank muttered under his breath, he was running across the lobby of the office building and he could see the lift doors starting to close.

“Hold the Door” he shouted but the lift took no notice, had better things to do than pander to his needs.

Blank hated lifts, especially this one, it had a mind of its own and had a creepy tendency to hang about the 23rd floor, and Blank was convinced it was chatting up the Coke machine on that floor.

Blank managed to reach the lift with just enough time to stick his arm between the doors, but they didn’t stop closing.

“Owww! You’re supposed to stop closing the doors when something gets between them!”

“Sorry” The lift said insincerely “I didn’t see you there. Did you want to come in?”

“What gave you that impression? My shouting at you to hold the door, my sprinting towards you, or my sticking my arm between your doors trying to keep them open only to have it crushed?”

“How am I supposed to know if you want to come in? I’ve not been programmed with an intricate understanding of human body language. All I know is that if you want me to give you a ride you push one of the buttons on the wall outside.”

“Well it would have been difficult to push the button from across the lobby wasn’t it? Open the door and let me in, I’m late enough as it is” Blank said realising that he must look ridiculous arguing with the lift with his arm stuck in between the doors. “Don’t you have some where to be anyway? Weren’t you answering a call on another floor?”

“Not really, I’d Just gotten bore of hanging about here, everyone one is normally in their offices at this point any way. So I was heading to the 23rd floor to have a chat with the Coke machine.” Blank knew it! “Besides it’s your own fault you are late. Not mine”.

“Actually it’s not. My alarm clock slept in this morning and woke me up an hour later than I’d told it to”

“Pah, you always people always blame it on us machines, I’m sure she had a perfectly good reason you probably kept her up all night”

Blank wasn’t in the mood to argue, he was late enough as it was and this was only making him later. “Look you are probably right, I was up quite late preparing the some charts for a presentation I’ve got to give today on the effectiveness of charts in company presentations. But that’s beside the point. Can I please come in, and will you please take me to the 25th floor, I’ve got a meeting that starts in 20 minutes and I don’t want to be late for that”

“You’ve got 20 minutes have you…? Well I tell you what I’m going to the 23rd floor, I’ll drop you off there, and then I’m going on a break. You can take the stairs up two floors; you look like you need the exercise”

“Okay” Blank gave up, he’d had a similar argument with the lift before, there was no way to win it and he was just getting later and later. It was a good thing he had an understanding boss, hopefully he’d just have to stay in a little later to make up for being late.

The lift pulled up to the 23rd floor opened its doors and the out of order light flashed on. As Blank walked out the lift he noticed that the Coke machine had also gone out of order, and he wondered to himself exactly what the lift and the coke machine did together.

The walk up to the 25th floor wasn’t that bad, the stairway was kept clinically clean, mainly because no one but him and the Janitors ever used them. He was just glad that the lift was finished with its fling with the coffee machine on the 10th floor.

As Blank arrived at his desk he noticed there was a note on his monitor which had the text “1 New Message” flashing on it. He’d gotten the interactive post it notes as a Secret Santa gift two Christmas’s ago, but had never used them. He had no idea who’d given it to him, but he really wished he’d been given something a little more useful.

He clicked on the note with his finger and a message popped up asking him for his personal pin number. He didn’t remember setting a pin number on it, but he’d gotten it just over two years ago so he assumed he’d forgotten about it.

Blank searched his desk for the user manual for the post-it note which he found under the stand for his monitor, and flicked through it looking for any reference to the default pin.

Eventually 30 pages into the tome he found that the pin was written on the inside of the box the post-it note came in. After another five minutes of rooting through his desk Blank finally found the box crushed under a pile of paper, he looked inside the box and surely enough there was a sticker with the pin for the post-it note:

Auto Post-it Pin Number: 0-0-0-0

Why that couldn’t have been listed in the manual, Blank had no idea, he punched the pin into the post it note and after an irritatingly long animated intro, it displayed a message.


I come round to your desk to speak to you about the presentation this morning only to find you weren’t here.

This is the fifth time this month you’ve been come in late. We need to talk about this.

Can you come round to my office when you are done with the presentation?


Mike was Blanks boss generally a nice guy, but you didn’t want to get on his bad side, Blank would have to swing round after the Presentation and Iron things out.

“Oh Shit! The Presentation!” Blanks hand flew to his forehead, he glanced down at his desk clock, he was 3 minutes late, and the presentation was in a meeting room on the 21st floor. He grabbed his laptop and made for the stairs, as he passed the Lift he noted that it was still on the 23rd floor and wondered again what on earth the lift was doing to that Coke machine.

Author: Omar

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