NaNoWriMo 2008: Chapter 5

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Arriving at the market blank swiped his shopping list at the kiosk and it printed out a map of where to get all the items on his shopping list. It was supposedly the most optimal path through his shopping list, apart from the few sponsored items, which had been added to his route. He’d had the option of opting out of these “sponsored” items being on his route, but he would have had to have paid for the premium service for that, and Blank was sure he could just ignore the stuff he didn’t want… Although, he thought, looking at the map that he might actually want some doughnuts, and he’d never tried marshmallow Silly’O’s before… Maybe he’d pick them up on his way round, they were after all on his route…

Somewhere between the Tea and the sugar Blank noticed that there was a blonde woman that seemed to be looking at him oddly, she might even have been following him. That was ludicrous, people didn’t follow other people in super markets, but everywhere he went after that he saw her. The chances of their shopping maps being the same was almost statistically impossible, Blank knew that… but it was only almost, impossible, and she was a good looking woman, maybe she was checking him out… Unlikely, but his day had been so shit so far maybe he was cashing in a karmic cheque to compensate for his rubbish day… Maybe it was just coincidence, Blank smiled at her as he passed her and the tinned tomatoes, she hastily looked away, and pushed her trolley off looking embarrassed, he didn’t see her again for the rest of his shopping trip.

Great, he thought; he’d scared her away. It was typical of the day he’d been having. Blank continued along his route around the market, he briefly considered deviating to avoid the Silly’O’s but ending up picking them up anyway out of curiosity.

As Blank walked out the door of the supermarket the handle of his trolley displayed the amount that would be debited from his account and asked him to confirm it, it was slightly more than he was expecting but he had a discount code from his work which would make it okay. Blank punched in the discount code waited for a couple of seconds and was surprised to see it come up as rejected. HR had obviously been working overtime today, he’d only been sacked at 5… Oh well, he couldn’t be bothered going back and dropping off any items he’d picked up so he pushed the cart into the bagging machine and went to the other side to wait for his stuff, he could have bagged it himself, but he paid a monthly subscription for the service as it saved him so much time.

As he approached the conveyor belt, where his shopping would pop out he noticed the same blonde woman he’d seen earlier, she’d obviously noticed him as well because the second he looked at her, her head spun around in to look in the opposite direction and she hurried off, almost forgetting her shopping. Blank could see she was obviously out of his league, her shopping had been packed in the special premium bags with padded handles and a lining that kept your food cold. This was a stark contrast to the crap plastic ones his shopping was coming out in, with the handles that ripped your hands to shreds and the plastic that was so thin that blank had never made it home without at least one bag bursting and spilling its contents on the floor.

She was heading to the car park too which meant she could afford to run a car, or had a company car which although not completely uncommon was quite rare these days, Blank couldn’t remember the last time he’d been in an car that wasn’t a taxi, and they just weren’t the same. One time when he was young he’d gone on holiday with his parents and they’d stayed with one of his dads friends from school who was filthy rich. He’d had a car; and not just any car, it was one of the ones you actually drove yourself not an autocar like the ones you usually saw on the streets.

Blank resolved that his chances with her were so infinitesimally small that he shouldn’t even think about it. But… She’d been looking at him… Hadn’t she?

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