NaNoWriMo 2008: Chapter 6

I almost forgot to post this… Last one tomorrow, then Nano 09 begins…
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The bus ride home had been completely uneventful, just the way Blank liked it. He’d even managed to avoid bursting any of his shopping bags on the way home, which was a plus.

As Blank approached the door to his flat he noticed a sheet of paper hanging on his door. Probably a note from one of the neighbours, Blank thought. The fact that Blank had had absolutely no interaction with any of his neighbours in the three or so years he’d been living there didn’t occur to Blank until he got close enough read the heading on the paper… It was from his landlord…


For The ATTN: Blank Munchausen: (Typography Note: His name is in a font that looks like handwriting)

Please verify identity to read Further

It was probably just a notice to tell Blank the rent was going up or something like that; Blank kept himself to himself, never played loud music or had friends over for that matter, except Lucy… And that wasn’t likely to happen again.

Blank let himself in and went to his “Study” to read the notice; it was more of a cupboard with just enough room for a desk and a bookshelf, but blank had always wanted a study so as far as he was concerned that was what it was.

Blank scanned his thumb over the print reader on the paper, it took him several times to get it to register that it was to him that the letter was addressed.


For The ATTN: Blank Munchausen.

Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms/Dr/Sir/Master Munchausen,

Despite it being message that had been sent out by a computer Blank was almost always amused that his landlords tried to give it a personal touch by altering the font of his name and adding in the greetings which would never apply to him, only to cross them out.

It is with great regretification that we write to inform you that your residing at this address will soon have to be terminated. The building which your flat is apart of has been sought after by a development firm, who have offered me a sum of monies I would rather not disclose for the reason of purchasing the flat in which you are residing, and we have agreed.

It took Blank a couple of attempts to decipher the first paragraph, but her really didn’t like where this was going

In according with your agreement of lease I hereby give you 1 months notice that you have to vacate the property.

“Oh Shit!” was all blank could manage as he read on.

At the end of the month the building is being demolished, by the company mentioned above, as such having notified you of such circumstances we hereby absolve ourselves of any responsibility to the safety of your belongings at the end of the months period expiring.

At least they’d given him a month to move out, Blank wasn’t sure he could find another place to live in that amount of time though. Having just lost his job meant he’d have loads more spare time to do so, but it also meant he’d have to explain to any perspective landlord where the rent was going to coming from…

Prior to the building being demolished I am assured that the above mentioned development firm who prefer to for the time being remain unnamed has assured us that they will check to see that there is no one in the building, so you need not fear of the building being torn down around you, unless you are a very heavy sleeper.

Blank wasn’t worried about being a heavy sleeper so much that his alarm clock wouldn’t bother to wake him up in time to move out. It was that damn things fault he’d lost his job today, Blank was considering just leaving it in the flat when he did move out.

We are sorry for any convenience this may place you in,

Sincerely yours,

The Team at Flexibly Living Inc.

Great Blank thought, today he’d gone from being a little late to work to being unemployed, single, and soon to be homeless… And it was only 8 O’Clock.

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