NaNoWriMo Update: Eureka moment?

I’ve been having real trouble getting my nano started this year. On the first day i managed to batter out 450 or so words and since then i’ve just stagnated at about 600 words.

I had a bit of a eureka moment last night just before i went to bed. I think the reason I’m having issues is that i’m having trouble writiting dialogue. Some writers are good at dialogue others aren’t. It looks like i’m in the latter camp, which is a bit irritating because one simple way to beef up you word count is to have lengthy dialogues that expose your characters…

Another way it to quote coulridge…

Anyway i was thinking about my last attempt at nano, and that fell over as soon as i had two characters meet. Up untill that point there is dialogue, but it’s mostly between the main character and a bunch of machines, that was easy enough to write because the main character was basically me exaggerated, and the machines just needed to be comical and irritating.

I’ve reached a point in my current nano where the main character is being briefed by a doctor, to tell him whats happened. I’m having real trouble getting inside my characters head and i’m having even more trouble getting inside the head of the doctor who is for all intensive purposes a throw away character who’s only purpose is to move the plot along, a task he is proving to be rubbish at. I guess it’s to be expected, i don’t think they teach moving the plot forward in medical school.

I think i’m going to summarize what happens in the conversation and just note on. I’m going to try to internalise the story in my main characters head for the time being, he’s confused, he’s lost his memory and not everything makes sense to him at the moment so that should work okay. Or at least it’ll get me to the next conversation which is unfortunately for me only a few hundred words away, it’s more heated though as it’s going to be an argument with my main characters wife.

Any way in short nano still not going so well but i think i can see a light at the end of this particular tunnel, and i’m going to try to modify my route so that i avoid as many other tunnels as i can.

When nano is over i think i’m going to have to “improve my craft” by practicing writing conversations between people, but that can wait untill december. For the time being i’ve got 27 days to write 49,460 words.

Wish me luck.


I did a word count on the blog posts I’ve wirtten about my Nano since the 1st of November and I’ve written 816 words not counting this update, when compared to the 640 I’ve actually contributed to my Nano i think I’m doing something wrong…

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