Dream Journal: Wierd shoe shopping experience.

Last night i think i had a few dreams. I only remember one of them though and now only vaguely… For some reason I was on the run for someone and I’d lost my shoes. I needed to buy shoes because the ground outside was ripping my feet to shreds.

I was in a shop that normally sold shoes but didn’t for some reason. I was told that another branch of the same shop might have shoes but this one didn’t stock any. As I was walking around i found some shoes, costing anywhere between £1 and £80 and possibly more. When i checked my money i found that I only had £1 on me, so I tried to get one of the cheaper shoes, but everything was in the wrong place and none of the shoes i found were the £1 ones, even a pair of beaten up falling to pieces trainers were £80, I think eventually I did find some shoes that were £1 but the didn’t fit me. I spoke to the staff about the shoes and they said that they didn’t have any cheap shoes that would fit me…

Then the manager of the shop announced to the staff in a language that i get the feeling that i wasn’t supposed to understand but did that there was an incentive on for staff to sell me anything, this was uttered with some kind of reference to me as being the Fat customer or something like that, I don’t remember the exact wording.

I decided to complain to the management about them insulting me like this, but in order to do so i had to sneak into the backstage area of the shop to get to the offices and when I got there It looked more like some kind of evil villains lair, with scantilly clad women wondering about wearing police hats… I eventually found the person who I was goingto complain to just as my alarm went off and woke me up…

So this dream seems to expose that I have financial issues, am insecure about my weight, and my shoe size. Also I don’t trust anyone in retail.

Author: Omar

Omar is the main/only contributor to Ohmz.net. He is a Computer Programmer based in Glasgow Scotland.