NaNoWriMo update Nov. 5

So maybe having 3 pots of tea in Tchai Ovna last night at half 8 was a mistake… My intention last night was to meet up with some folk after work for some tea, then go home and do nano for a couple of hours. What ended up happening was I went to the post grad club had dinner there, which of course meant delays because of their abnormally slow service. We then swung round to a friends house to pick up some stuff, that turned into staying there for an hour or so, which i don’t regret because I haven’t seen said friend in some time, also at her house was another friend whom I’d not seen in even longer so it was good to catch up, he only briefly.

Any way we finally got to Tchai Ovna at half 8 and left at about half 10 having survived an utterly rubbish poetry reading, which started with a girl who was a little too fixated on sex, so much so that you wondered if she was compensating for a lack of it by writing about it. We played hang man through the poetry reading although if i am ever in Tchai Ovna again on a Wednesday i plan on printing off poetry cliché bingo cards for all present, it would have made it much more enjoyable.
When i got home my mind was a buzz with ideas for my nano but i didn’t feel like i could write anything down for the nano untill i’d thought it out some more. So instead i opened up a new document and i did a brain dump of the characters and such, I also did a little bit of research on ranks of the airforce as my main character is in the airforce.

Then i went to bed, and spent 3 to 4 hours trying to sleep, my mind just kept buzzzing with more and more ideas. So much so that I ended up getting up at half 3 and writing some down just to get them out of my head. It didn’t work and I had some of the worst sleep I’ve had in ages, strangely I feel okay at the moment…

The upshot of this is than in my tossing and turning I’ve come up with a few ideas, and I’ve filled in a few plot holes that had been annoying me. The downside is I’m probably going to crash and burn this afternoon at work.

On another not: One of collegues at work browsed to my blog from a link on LinkedIn and read my Nano from last year, he thought it was really good. Nothing like a little bit of praise to brighten your day 🙂

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2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo update Nov. 5”

  1. Filling plot holes and fleshing out characters?

    You have a plot already? I’ve got an opening scene or two and thats it. As for characters…not one of mine has a name yet. They’ll get called aaaaa and bbbbb until I get some inspiration and do a search/replace on the doc. I don’t even have a name for the spaceship yet 🙁
    .-= Bob´s last blog ..The Simple Traps =-.

  2. I had a plot last year… See all the posts I have on this blog entitled “story idea” I do that so that when i want to write something I have a seed to work from.

    Also my main plot is based on a dream I had 6 months ago. The characters have had to be replaced and I’ve had to do put a lot of thought to de-dreamifying it so that stuff makes sense.

    As it stands I have 7 characters who are at least a little fleshed out (most of whom aren’t going to survive past the first few chapters of the book because it jumps a few hundred years into the future, although i plan on having flash backs) I’m going to have to flesh out a entire tribe of primitives living on an abandoned space station though and I want to spend some time mapping the space station…

    I could spend hours/days planning doesn’t add words to my word count though 🙁

    I know what you mean about naming characters though, my Nano last year I just put in “Blank” as a place holder and that became the characters name…

    This time I’ve gone to a random baby name generator website and hit generate till I got something I liked. Thats not going to work so much for the primitives though.

    As for a ships name my suggestion is to make it a Bumble Bee class star ship that way it has the insect like name of the firefly, it references transformers and you can have it make a trademark buzzing noise when it hits atmo.

    As for actually naming the ship go for a random adjective and call it that, thats all Jhoss Whedon did…

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