New Years Resolutions 2010

I’ve decided to set myself some goals this year, I’m not a fan of new years resolutions despite starting one pretty much every year, however having a list of goals does tend to drive you a little more than not having them, and having them publicly available means that you can’t go back on them and pretend they never existed…

Read More

Last Year my one resolution was to read more, I succeeded in the first month or so of the year by reading on average just over a book a week (That’s 52 books for the mathematically challenged among you), then it fell apart, I think over the year I must have read somewhere between 10 and 20 books, which is better than a lot of people but no where near what I’d intended. This year there is no firm number but I’m resolving to read more th2an usual, or at least continue reading as much.

Write More

I tried NaNoWriMo for the second time this year, and managed to just about double my word count from 2008, depending on whether I’m going on a linear or logarithmic progression that means that I’ll manage to complete NaNoWrimo in either 2012 or 2013. I’d like to get other writing done as well and maybe have a bash at finishing off my attempts from 2008 and 2009. I’ve also got a whole bunch of story ideas here that I’d like to flesh out a little, and I’d like to try to blog more.

Go Out More

I really don’t get out very much these days, I could make up hundreds of excuses, having settled, living far away from town, being skint, being knackered after work, or whatever. I think the root cause is just my being lazy, it’s easier for me to just sit down infront of the TV and do nothing than it is for me to get my ass into gear and do something.

Lose Some Weight

Unhappy I am with my weight, unhappy have I always been about my weight, something about it I must do. My Goal is to have lost 3 Stone before my birthday in June. I’m hoping to go on a “trip of a lifetime” to the other side of the world for three weeks and I’d prefer not to look like a beached whale when I put on my bikini…

Gain Professional Certification

For the past 3 years It’s been on my list of things to do to get either an MCTS or a SCJP, this year I’m going to damn well do it. I’ve got a provisional OK from my boss to take a weeks study time to do this, so it shouldn’t be too hard, especially given that I’ve been pretty much promised a financial reward (read raise) when I do get certified. Even if it’s an extra 50p a month that’s 50p I wouldn’t have had before.

Start Personal Programming Project

I’m Lazy, I need to learn new technologies, and I plan on doing this by having some sort of personal programming project. Every developer should have one, and at the moment I don’t so I plan on starting one. be it my unstarted attempt at coding up a community protal for MyNoWriMo or some app for Android or something completely different, I feel that I should be doing something that I’m not being paid to do.

Become a Better Photographer

I got a nice DSLR for my birthday 6 months ago and I’m still just a happy snapper. I know how lots of the stuff on the camera works but I’m not very good at actually taking pictures yet. My plan to rectify this is:

  1. To start a Photo-Blog: Probably linked to from here in some shape or form, and post my best pictures to it.
  2. To do photo projects: I’m still humming and Hawing about doing a 365 or a 52 I think that given the amount of free time I seem to have a 52 might be more practical, but to also have other ongoing projects on the side.

Learn a Language

I’m currently in linguistic Limbo, I speak English and Arabic with complete fluency, and I’m in the middle of learning Japanese, Mandarin and Farsi. I need direction and I think given that I plan to go accross the world for 3 weeks I should attempt to learn the language of whatever country I’m going to visit. Only problem is I don’t know what country I’m going to visit… China is looking likely so Maybe I should focus on Mandarin, focusing is something I’m not very good at though…