Photo Blog: 365: 2. Depth of Field

365: 2. Depth of Field, originally uploaded by Ohmzar.

It took me ages to get this as right as it is and I’m still not convinced. It’s a photo of a Canon 50mm f1.8 Focusing on a page of the 1980 edition of “How it Works 1” covering depth of field.

I took it using a 75mm-300mm Zoom lens at about a meters distance, loads of my attempts turned out really shaky… I’m so glad I don’t shoot using film.

In order to get the photo any better I think I’d have to use a tripod with a spirit level, which I don’t own.

Photo Blog: 365: 1. New years word game

365: 1. New years word game, originally uploaded by Ohmzar.

My first 535 image is of a word game thingie by MB games (I actually can’t remember what the game is called).

The visible letters allow you to spell New Year and I’ve use an I and an O to represent 10, because I had two letters left over.

I took this using my Canon EF 75-300mm Zoom lens under the macro mode (I think If I’m wrong the EXIF Data will tell you what I did use)

I’m a little annoyed I couldn’t focus on it any closer up but that’s life. Also there is a scratch on the otherwise black table I used to take the photo…