Engrish: Escalator Over there!

Engrish: Escalator Over there!, originally uploaded by Ohmzar.

I’m mainly writing this as a test post. Flickr seems to have had some trouble posting my last two posts to my Blog. For some reason all the angle brackets and Quotation marks were stripped from the html.br /

This was taken by me 5 or so years ago in Japan, I think it was in a train station…

Didn’t work 🙁 had to fix this manually.

Photo Blog: 365: 26. Uban Fox

365: 26. Uban Fox, originally uploaded by Ohmzar.

I chose this as my picture for my 365 from a set of about 80 pictures I took of this fox as my 36 for today, althought here were other contenders I think this is my favourite.

I bumped into this fox on my way to catch a bus home while walking through the car park of the western infirmary. At first I tried getting him from afar using my zoom lens but I soon discovered he wasn’t very scared of me so I switched to my kit lens (18mm- 55mm) and got up close and personal with him.

He was a little jumpy when I got closer than a couple of metres to him but aside from that he was happy for me to take photos of him, almost as if he craved the attention… Whenever i went to walk away he started following me.

Other possibles were: