Dream Journal: Far Eastern Journey

Two dreams last night and I must have had travel on my mind in the first I went to china to visit a friend who lives there but forgot to pack a bag and any money. All I had was a Thob… I ended up borrowing money off a friend to buy some fish… I seem to remember having trouble finding clothing that fit me because I’m not a small fellow and if you’ve ever been to the far east you’ll know that finding clothing for “Not Small Fellows” is near impossible.

In the second dream I’d gone to Japan with my parents but forgotten to get a Japan Rail Pass which scuppered my plans for exploration. You can’t get one in Japan, and it takes a while for them to arrive. Luckily Annabel was coming in a weeks time and we were going to try to get her to get one for me.

I think in summary I’m afraid of forgetting things when I go traveling…

Super Mario Land Rap (Strong Language)

Cool little rap featuring pretty much all of Mario Land. Mario land is an odd one in the series, part of me thinks that Nintendo hijacked another game and did a sprite swap for appropriate graphics to make it a Mario game like they did with Super Mario Bros. 2. There isn’t much consistency with any of the other games aside from the pipes.

Oh 365 Where art thou?

Just thought I’d posta quick blog about my 365. I so far managed to take at least one picture a day for the past 41 days, not counting today (Technically I have taken a photo today but it was with my phone). I’m enjoying the experience but it is stressfull having to make sure I always have my camera on me, and there have been a couple of days where I’ve taken a photo at 11pm just so I have a photo for that day.

I’ve had a timestamp issue on some of my photo’s because my camera was still set to Saudi time so some of my 365 pictures look like they were taken the day after they were taken. I think i deleted the photo from this Monday which is a bit rubbish… I may have copied it to a hard drive, but I’m not sure.

Inspiration seems to come in bursts, some days I’ll have 20 images that I want to use for my 365 others I’ll struggle to get one that I like, or even to take one photo. On the whole I am learning though which is what is important. Tuesdays in particular are a difficult day because I follow the same routine every tuesday and I’m finding it difficult to be inspired. It’s also a bit rubbish that it’s dark when I leave the office, but cest la vie.

I think I need to get a better bag for lugging my camera about, I’m finding that having the camera in my backpack is frustrating as I have to take the bag off and pull out the camera whenever I want to take a photo, by which point the moment is lost or the subject has moved.

Next week is going to be interesting as I’m lending my DSLR to a friend. I’ll have to use a point and shoot camera again. I’m taking this as a reason to focus on composition rather than funky aperture/depth of field/ exposure stuff, who knows.

I’ve got 7 images that need to be posted to my 365 set/blog. I think some of them are already on flickr I’ve just not added them to the set.

That is all…