How I’m going to choose who I vote for…

More and more the way we find out information about things is moving online, so you’d think that the various British political parties would make use of this medium to spread the word.

I doubt that this will influence my voting, but it’s interesting to see this analysis of the websites of various British political parties websites.

Anna looks at the design coding and accessibility of the Labour Party, The Conservatives, Lib Dems, Greens and BNP. The long and short of it is that they are all rubbish. Even the ones that are well laid out are lacking in solid information, and scale badly, and the code is horrible.

Why is is that parties think they can get away with pledging stuff that everyone else is pledging but not covering any issues that people actually care about?

The BNP notably stole it’s design from Obama’s campaign… I’m saying nothing.

Via Anna Debenham

Dream Journal: Pride and Iron

I has a really vivid dream last night which was a cross between Iron Man and a Jane Austen Novel… I think the dream started off with me being me writing a comic that had Iron man in it, and not knowing where to take it, I’d taken on a challenge that I had to release a 3 panel comic a day.

The comic featured a cameo of Iron Man… This somehow lead to Iron Man visiting a Georgian household with several young ladies. think Pride and Prejudice but replace Mr. Darcey with Iron Man… At some point perspective changed from me writing a comic to me being Tony Stark.

I remember that the Identity of Iron Man was a secret, and I think later the house became my house rather than the house of the Georgian ladies…

There was a long fight sequence as the person who was being set up to be the villain of the story was also courting whomever I was. It got a bit confusing from there, I remember not having access to my Iron Man Armour, but having access to an array of technological guns. Shooting the other guy using some weird Napalm Gun thing that burnt his skin, and I would assume lead to his being the villain.

I was also at some point wearing medieval armour because that was all I could get my hands on as I was trapped somewhere away from my Iron Man Armour…

The details are getting more and more sketchy as I wake up, I just wanted to note this down before I forgot it all.

Square says they might remake FFVII

Square are going back and forth with this one. Probably having noticed how much people complained about FFXIII and having seen how much money they make from anything they release that has Final Fantasy VII Attached to it’s name Square’s CEO has now said that they might remake FFVII…

By might I’m reading are working on it now. It’s a no brainer, people will buy it because it’s the most over rated RPG ever, and everyone apparently loved it. The game would pretty much print money for them. Especially since there is an entire generation of gamers that will not have played the game and won’t because the graphics are rubbish by today’s standards, who might play it if it was made pretty.

They wouldn’t have to spend any money on writing the story because the one that’s there is Solid, they wont have to spend money on creating a new obscure battle/leveling/magic/whatever system because the one that’s there works.

All they would need to do it refresh the graphics and port/rewrite the code. Boom millions of monies in their pockets they can waste on another MMO that no one will buy.

Via Joystiq.

Digital: a Love Story

Digital a Love Story is a game that borrows it’s UI from the days of the Amiga. The Games UI looks like an amiga workbench circa 1988 or so, you have just received a modem and you have to dial into BBS’s to gather information. Eventually you have to hack the phone system to get free long distance calls, all in your quest to do something… I’ve not played this game but I like the retro vibe of the concept.

From the Website:

A Computer Mystery/Romance Set 5 minutes into the Future of 1988.

I can guarantee that at least ONE of the following is a real feature:

  • Discover a vast conspiracy lurking on the internet!
  • Save the world by exploiting a buffer overflow
  • Get away with telephone fraud!

It’s available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Via The Independent Gaming Source.

Nintendo 3DS Could be cool but I’m Skeptical

Nintendo have Quietly announced the Nintendo 3DS which is the successor to the DS Line. Lets see if we can figure out the features from the name… 3D DS…. It’s got 2 screen and “games can be enjoyed with 3D effects without the need for any special glasses.” Hmmm I’m dubious, I guess they could use some funky eye tracking to make it look 3D.

It really reminds me of the Virtual Boy which Nintendo released in 1994 or there abouts. It only lasted for a year. The video below is a review of every game ever released for the Virtual Boy. While some small part of me wants one I would never pay more than £30 for one. I’ve seen them going for £80 in Game Station but that’s just too much…

Anyway some of the Features the 3DS is touted as having:

Backwards Compatibility with DS and DSi Games

Nintendo would be shooting themselves in the foot if they didn’t do this, it’s a proven formula for them and assures a strong back catalogue at launch)

Acceleromter/Tilt Controls

This seems to be the way mobile games are going and keeps it in line with Nintendo’s biggest rival for the handheld space… The iPhone…

High resolution Screen (Possibly 720p?)

I have no doubt that it will have a larger screen, and it will probably be higher resolution than the DS’s 256 x 192 screens 720p seems a little pointless considering the size though… I’d like to see video out like the PSP-2000 but the 2 screen input of the DS might not translate very well. Apparently both screens can be treated as a single screen so that might lead to a combined resolution of 720p

It’s possible that it could be powered by an Nvidia Tegra Chip

This makes sense as Nintendo have a history of using mass market chips in their hand helds, the Tegra is the up an coming chip boasting performance and efficiency.

3G SIM slot

This again seems to be a wise decision, Data tarrifs around the world have been driven down, and a 3G connection allows easy access to game downloads (a market strategy shown to be viable by the Kindle, iPhone, and Android) as well as other applications, such as network gaming. I assume it will also have Wifi as everything does these days.

Twin Cameras

One on the back and one on the front, this facilitates DSi Backwards compatibility and eye tracking. It also opens up a few interesting possibilities.


It looks like Nintendo are filling in the features they need to claw back the handheld market from the iPhone, the only feature missing is GPS… The 3G Sim/Wifi and the Camera lead to video conferencing, I’d like to see them partner with Skype as that would make this a killer device in and of it’s own. I’m skeptical about the 3D without the need for special glasses, I’m picturing holding this thing in my hand with a 3d princess Leia hovering over the screen asking me to help her… It could work, I guess… I remain skeptical


They will probably market this as an e-Reader as they have the DSi XL that’s not a bad thing, assuming the screen is good enough. The 3G SIM allows you to buy books wherever you are. I think I remember reading somewhere that Nintendo are looking to put DS’s in the classroom this would be a good way to do that.

I guess we’ll have to wait till E3 in June to find out…

Via & Geekosystem & Gizmodo & Wired

365: 71. Buchanan Street Sunset


365: 71. Buchanan Street Sunset, originally uploaded by Ohmzar.

I was walking home from the office and saw the colour of the sky and thought it would make an amazing photo.

I’ve taken several variants of this some using my fish eye filter, but none turned out as good as this one.

I got accosted by a random Glasgow Drunk who tried to tell me where I should go to take photos. He made me take his photo. I’ll upload it later…