Incoming! Script Frenzy! Rawrr!

Having failed to complete my NaNoWriMo last November I’m starting a new overly ambitious writing project next month…

April is “Script Frenzy” month apparently where Not-As-Many-People-As-Participate-In-NaNoWriMo try and throw together a 100 page script over the course of 30 days.

The script can be for a TV show, a play, a movie, a comic, whatever… just batter out 100 pages in a month. Simple right? well last year I was planning on participating and I just forgot about it till it was too late. Kinda like April Fools, I always seem to remember about it on the 2nd when it’s too late…

I’ve started getting emails from the Script frenzy whenever anyone posts in the “Hi I’m doing a script frenzy” post in the Scotland forum, I’m not sure why… I’m considering stopping them but the naivety of some of the people amuses me… For example:

Hey, I’m Dan. 19 hailing from east end Glasgow. Been script writing about a year and a half now, its fun stuff. Give the frenzy a proper bash, just so happened I had just started planning an idea for a film (well a trilogy actually) just as I noticed the frenzy was coming around again.
My idea is basically a modern day twist on the age old Vampire/Werewolf war. I’m not releasing a whole lot out about it just yet because, not a lot is set in stone. But its shaping up beautifully and hopefully all goes well so when April rols around I just get to write! write! write!

I mean seriously you are going to write Vampire the Masquerade as a “Trilogy”, hasn’t someone already done that….

I hate to sound mean, I think that embracing the creative process is a wonderful thing, maybe I’m to cynical, but seriously…

I don’t know what I’m going to script yet. Probably a Comic or something like that. I was thinking of doing my Zombie Idea from last year. I’m not really that bothered I just want to write something. Maybe I’ll write my own take on a modern day interpretation of the “age old Vampire/Werewolf war….” Maybe not… I guess I could write a film script about space smurfs, maybe even expand the concept to include a plot…

One of the Ideas I’ve been tossign around my head is to script a computer game… Then I could declare May code frenzy and code it up… Alternatively I could do something else.

Probably like all my other endeavours of this type it will fizzle out within a week. But for that week I’ll be really enthused!

Okay so Maybe I’ve been a little Lazy…

I started the year planning on posting all my 365 Images as I took them to my blog. I got lazy in posting them to flickr and now look at me… Apparently I’m 34 images behind… I think some of the images are on flickr but I didn’t post them because I had been hunting down on image that had gone walkies.

I’m going to start a fresh and hunt down the rest of the images as I can, because there is no point in taking all these photos unless I post them so people can critique them.

Photo Blog: 365: 69. The busker out my window.


365: 69. The busker out my window., originally uploaded by Ohmzar.

t’s been a while since I posted a 365 I have been taking them. I just haven’t had a chance to post hem to Flickr. This is a guy who is apparently called Elavi(Yes I did some research and got a link to his website, the address is on his bag), he is rapping and playing the bass outside of my window.