Square says they might remake FFVII

Square are going back and forth with this one. Probably having noticed how much people complained about FFXIII and having seen how much money they make from anything they release that has Final Fantasy VII Attached to it’s name Square’s CEO has now said that they might remake FFVII…

By might I’m reading are working on it now. It’s a no brainer, people will buy it because it’s the most over rated RPG ever, and everyone apparently loved it. The game would pretty much print money for them. Especially since there is an entire generation of gamers that will not have played the game and won’t because the graphics are rubbish by today’s standards, who might play it if it was made pretty.

They wouldn’t have to spend any money on writing the story because the one that’s there is Solid, they wont have to spend money on creating a new obscure battle/leveling/magic/whatever system because the one that’s there works.

All they would need to do it refresh the graphics and port/rewrite the code. Boom millions of monies in their pockets they can waste on another MMO that no one will buy.

Via Joystiq.

Author: Omar

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