I Wish This Mega Man Hoodie Was Real

Awesome Megaman Hoodie! Surely some one some where will make this? Capcom or some subsidiary clothing company needs tp get a hoard of sweatshop workers to start making these so fat geeks can buy them. Original hoodie design by Brendon Phillips which looks like Mega Mans “Costume”…


War For Cybertron Trailer even Betterererer!

I wanted to play Transformers: War for Cybertron before I saw this video, now I wan’t to play it even more.  Now I’ve seen this video of the Trailer with the opening Narrative from the original movie and sound clips from TV series I want to play it so much more. Thank you Grimbot whoever you are, you have made my day.

Via Topless Robot

I could have really used these in school

This is another one from Dominic Wilcox, this would have been so useful to me when I was at school I had serious trouble staying awake. Mainly because I’d been up till 3 in the morning arsing about on my computer or reading, and needed to be up at 5 to get to school in time.

Via Variations on normal