Swingless Golf Club

Depending on your point of view this is something that could actually make Golf fun or ruin the game. Instead of swinging your golf club the club has an explosive charge in it that shoots out a little firing pin that smacks the ball into oblivion.

It’s supposedly aimed at people with bad backs and for “The spouses of avid golfers”. Personally I share Mark Twain’s opinion of golf:

“Golf is a good walk spoilt”

So I don’t see this appealing to me very much, however I do like the pointless application of explosives to perform simple tasks.

via YouTube.

Quietus a difficult flash game

Quietus is a little flash platformer that really evokes the Castle levels from old Super Mario games. or any of a number of games I used to play on the MSX, like J.P. Winkle or Castle Excellent.  It starts easy enough, but get really difficult really fast.

I Jumped out of my seat when I saw the first giant worm.

There is supposed to be a story about being a hanged man trying to escape from hell or something like that, but to be honest you can skip it and just play the game.

Via IndieGames.com

Stardust Waypoints

This is a pretty neat flash animation, particles of “Stardust flow between waypoints which you can move about or even throw. The waypoints bounce about and bounce when they collide with each other.

It looks magical especially when you manage to get the stardust to orbit a waypoint rather than just go through it.

via wonderfl.