Cool Lichtenstein Pop Art make up

Note: If you have reached this post by Googling for it I’ve written a follow up post about this post with more info/examples of this type of make up.

Not the first time I’ve seen images of make up like this but I think it looks awesome. I’ve noticed a growing trend of artists trying to make real life look like pictures rather than making pictures that look like real life. I really Like this image and I just wanted to share it.

via this isn’t happiness.™ Peter Nidzgorski, tumblr.

Mac Classic iPad Stand

This is possibly the only way I could justify buying an iPad. Hirac a Japanese modder has  converted an old Mac Classic into an iPad stand, it looks amazing.

The older Macs will always hold a special place in my heart, I’m a reformed member of the cult of Jobs, from way back before it was hip to own an Apple computer.

It looks perfect, almost as if it was made for it.

Via  hirac.