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Story Idea: Take your happy pills.

I had an idea for a story while in the shower this morning, set in a noot too distant future where people aren’t capable of having emotions anymore.

In order to experience an emotion you would have to take a pill/drink that imbued you with that emotion. Some emotions would be fairly common happiness for example would be available in bars, and would be provided to guests at weddings. It would be a bit of a social faux pas to turn up to a funeral not having taken some sad and maybe a little bit of remorse.

Some emotions would be rained and only available over the counter like love. Others would only be available from black market dealers like rage and anger.

I think some emotions would be addictive to some people, use of self righteousness for example would be rife in the religious establishment.

Other emotions would only be available to the police, I envision the use of fear gas grenades on rioters who’d taken too much anger. Maybe detectives would stock up on inquisitive while trying to solve a case.

I think that rather than experiencing an emotion you might get a craving for it, and that would lead to you seeking it out.

The plot as it is centers around a police officer/detective who is investigating black market emotions and stumbles onto a rage dealing ring

I don’t have much more in the way of plot, at the moment its just a concept. I’m going to think on it and see where it goes.

Yoker Fire

So I got a panicked phone call from Annabel this afternoon, she said the flats across the the road were on fire, I have to admit that at first I thought she was being a bit silly the flats have been empty for the past 18 or so months and have been the target of random acts of arson and a small scale at least twice in my memory, but this was a little different.

Turns out the whole block of flats were on fire, and in a really big way. The fire crew soon arrived and the flats were evacuated, Annabel wasn’t given a chance to get the kittens together and take them with her, the firemen assured here that the cats would be okay and asked her to leave, so she did.

I rushed home as soon as I could at this point not realising how serious the situation was, my taxi got caught in traffic and I ended up just getting out and walking the rest of the way. Everyone had been evacuated to the community centre by this point, and I met Annabel there. When I got there I was confronted with a distraught Annabel she was heart-broken that she had left the kittens in the house all by themselves.

Annabel was interviewed by a lady from Clyde One, the self same lady asked Annabel to send her a picture she’d taken of the fire. the picture is on the Clyde One article on the subject. The quote about the Sun being blotted out is also Annabel, I’ve not had a chance to listen to the sound byte, because I’ve not got Audio at the moment.

The BBC and STV also have articles on the subject. A while after we had been in the community centre we were told that we wouldn’t be able to get back in for a few hours so Annabel my Mum and I decided we’d go and get dinner at Brae Head. As we crossed the river on the ferry I took a couple of of photos of the burning flats.


It’s crazy that those flats were essentially turned to rubble.

We got a phone call while we were having dinner and were told that we were allowed access to our house, unfortunately for the people who told us this they had not been allowed to stay in their house, apparently their house was too close to the flats and the flats were unsafe. The scary thing is that their house is right next to ours, that could have very easily have been us.

We are luckily safe and sound, there is little to no damage to our house, there is a lot of ash lying about, which is a mess, and there is a little melted bit on one of our window sills, it could have been much worse. Our neighbour has just had new decking put in and it was set on fire and the fire crew had to hack big bits out of it to stop the whole thing from going up.

Thank god for insurance…

Anyway the whole block has been reduced to rubble and at a little after 9 this arrived:


What remains of the flats are being demolished as we speak, I don’t think we are going to get much sleep tonight…

Idea: Holmes

The new BBC adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes story “Sherlock” is nothing short of amazing. If you’ve not seen it what they have done is taken inspiration from the original Arthur Connan Doyle stories and created three crimes for a 21st century Sherlock to solve. I won’t go into any more detail as I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t watched it, but if you are one of those unfortunates then you should rectify that post haste.

My Idea is more or an exercise in literary reverse engineering, the 3 currently existing episodes of Sherlock draw a lot of inspiration and pay homage to the original works, however as I understand they are new stories unto themselves. The exercise therefore would to imagine that the original works never existed and to attempt to rewrite the current TV show as if it were set in another time period, like Sherlock’s Victorian England, the American civil war, or maybe even in space.

If you’ve read the original you could try and pay homage to both the original and the series by taking the references to the original which exist in the series and intentionally misinterpret them.

Well there you go an idea for any budding writers out there, possibly an idea for a NaNoWriMo? I’d best get cracking.


I just passed a couple of my neighbours in the street, these aren’t neighbours I’ve ever had much interaction with just a couple of people who happen to live in my neighborhood.

As I passed by them I instinctively felt the need to acknowledge their presence so when I reached what I thought wax an appropriate distance I said simply “Morning” to them, to which I got the reply “Morning”.

I suspect that many people have this self same interaction with complete strangers and immediately forget about it. But I’m in a bit of and odd frame of mind today so it got me thinking.

“Morning” is obviously a shortening of “Good morning” which I would assume is a shortening of “May you have a good morning” or “Good morning to you”.

The dropping of the part of the phrase that implies that you are wishing a good morning to the other party is fine because the implication that your statement of “Good morning” implies that you are wishing the other party a good morning, or the very least that you are asserting the fact that it indeed a good morning for one and all.

Remove the good from the equation though, and it almost changes what the statement implies. You may just be being informal, or lazy, and omitting the “Good” from your greeting; but the turn of phrase has in doing so lost it’s original purpose, you are merely stating to the other person that it is indeed morning, and they by replying with morning are ratifying your statement: yes it is indeed morning.

There is no implied good will in this interaction, merely a statement of a fact, followed by an acknowledgement of that fact. No information is passed in this transaction, I would assume that both parties involved already knew that it was in fact morning.

The dialogue is in essence pointless, there is no transferrel of good will, no exchange of informarion, merely an exchange of words with no meaning, with someone of no social consequence to us.

Despite this I will probably continue with this redundant salutation, because I feel obliged to, and because saying that single pointless word as you pass a stranger in the street alleviates the social awkwardness of passing by someone and there being nothing but a wall of silence between you. We are afterall social animals and we are bound by our instinct to interest regardless of how pointless that interaction may be.