This week has been a Cat-astrophe…

My head isn’t working today, and I can’t be arsed with anything. Thankfully it’s Friday and hopefully the end of a very stressful week. I’ve been in and out of the vets almost every day since Sunday. Ada was ill on Saturday night and she started vomiting bile every few hours and retching constantly. She was also completely refusing food and water, so on Sunday morning we took her into the emergency 24 hour vet clinic. They took her ran some tests and kept her over night for observation. Tests showed nothing, which thankfully meant that she hadn’t eaten anything poisonous but she still wasn’t eating.

I went to pick her up from the vets on Monday morning in order to transfer her to her regular vet. But it turns out Monday was a bank holiday and her regular vet was off. The vet at vets now said that she was hydrated and that she would be okay to take home, but that we were to try and get her to her regular vet the next morning.
So we did that, the vets sedated her and X-Rayed her but couldn’t see anything. Although the vet did feel something odd in her tummy, she asked for permission to do an investigative procedure to have a look and see what it was, which I course gave them, and thank god I did.

Ada had apparently swallowed about a metre of string which had gotten caught on her tongue and had gone all the way through her stomach and into her intestines, causing them to compress of concertina. no wonder she’d been vomiting and refusing food…

The vet cut her open and took it out and now she’s got a lovely big scar on her tummy and stitched to keep it closed. We then had to take her to Vets now so she could be kept under observation for the over night, then back to her vets in the morning, and then back home that evening.

They gave us a slew of medications we had to give her, none of which she seems to like. but we manged to get them mostly into her on Wednesday. On Thursday morning after giving her 2 out of 4 medications she was looking really worn out and refusing food again, so we took her into the vet and they kept her in all day, we picked her up took her home and she was much much perkier. We managed to feed her and get her to sleep. It looks like all is well with her.

Meanwhile Tiffin our other cat has been going mental, he’s used to having another cat about the house to play with and he’s been very lonely and thus mewing constantly, and playing with everything, even things he knows he shouldn’t.

Last night Tiffin jumped from the sofa onto the top of the living room door, in doing so dislodged the wedge keeping the door open which made the door slam shut, with his tail in it. He hung there for about a second before he dropped to the ground and was very panicky, he also seemed not to be moving his tail at all, in fact it was just flopping about, twitching every now and then.

We panicked and thought oh no not another cat crisis! but thankfully as we were on the phone to Vets now Tiffin’s tail started to look like it might be better. They said it should be okay to leave it to the morning and if need be take him in then. We waited and thankfully this morning his tail seems as right as rain.

All that remains now is to keep Ada calm and sedated and stop her from climbing all over things and rupturing her stitches. Which is very difficult, Ada likes to climb everything. So much so that the vets nicknamed her “Spider Monkey” while she was staying there…

Fingers crossed it will all work out.

All in all this has cost about £1,500 in vets bills and countless hours of lost sleep, I’ve maxed out my credit card to pay for this because it’s happened at the end of the month. Thank god we have pet insurance otherwise I’m not sure what we would have done otherwise.

This week has been crazy stressful, I’m leaving for London in 2 hours for a work do, which hopefully should be fun. Annabel has her parents coming to stay for the evening on their way down so there are people about in case anything else goes wrong.

To be honest I just want to lie down and do nothing for a very long time (5 minutes would do)…

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  1. Jeez Omar, what a shitty week you have had. Glad to hear Ada is on the mend though and no real harm came to Tiffin.

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