Not that you care but…

I’ve added a few new static pages to this site. Notably I’ve added a “Writing” section to the navigation bar at the top, see up there, next to “About”?

This page has links to a couple of fragments of writing I’ve written. Essentially it’s got my first two NaNoWriMo attempts on it. If you mouse over that there are links to the individual pages for each strory, otherwise you can click on “Writing” and there is summary of each of the stories there.

I’ve had to change my theme so that static pages work, it turns out I hadn’t noticed how badly my old theme rendered them, for some reason despite them following the same css rules as blog posts, static pages ignored all html formatting tags, so everything looked rubbish.

Anyway that is all, if you do read either of those stories, please post a comment to say so and to give me your opinion on them. Neither of them really got to where I would describe the story as having “Gotten Started” but they were both a start…

Author: Omar

Omar is the main/only contributor to He is a Computer Programmer based in Glasgow Scotland.