Because that makes it okay…

So picture this, you are an Arab (Kuwaiti) man, you come home stinking drunk and are really pissed off with your wife. You see her sleeping on the sofa so you take off your head dress and you proceed to beat the living shit out of her with it.

Only it’s not your wife, it turns out it’s your house maid.

Does the maid press charges? No because you are “Nice”. Does anyone say anything about the fact that you wanted to beat 7 shades of shit out of your wife? No… Why well I don’t know. But it’s messed up.

This guy deserves to be put in prison but to be honest I doubt he’ll even get a slap on the wrist…

Via Emirates24|7.

Author: Omar

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One thought on “Because that makes it okay…”

  1. Well said, what puts me at unease is that if the woman being beaten up was indeed his wife and not the maid, then no one would have ever found out about this incident, it would have passed seamlessly, as do many cases of irrational unjustified domestic abuse cases do.
    Perhaps this is a good chance to yield the powerful arm of the media and point this “man” out for his cowardly act.

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