I’m Glad I’m Not The Only One That Thought That Inception Wasn’t All That

I admit I did enjoy Inception, I thought it was a fun action movie with some pretty cool special effects. But to be honest I thought the whole dream within a dream within a dream within whatever was a bit contrived and was trying to pull another matrix with the whole what is reality shtick.

The College Humor folks who made the video above agree with me.

On a funny related note apparently the writers of Southpark wanted to spoof Inception but couldn’t make it to theatre to watch it because they were on a deadline, so they watched the College Humor Spoof and based theirs on that, thinking that the lines in it were actually in the movie. Giving credit where it’s due however they did admit to this and apologised to College Humor.

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Shepard Book Graphic Novel!

Shepard Book was one of the more interesting characters in Firefly, he obviously had an interesting back story that was never really explored, and then he got shafted in Serenity. Well now Joss Whedon and his brother Zack have written a graphic novel which covers his back story, including apparently him finding god in a bowl of soup…

I’ve not read any of the Firefly books but I would buy this.

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Sucker Punch: Why Have I Not Heard Of This Before?

Warner Brothers have just released a trailer for Sucker Punch, a movie by Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen) and to be quite frank it looks awesome!

The story is set in the 1950’s and is about a girl who is about to be lobotomised and her friends trying to escape from a lunatic asylum. I assume like Pans labrynth the film probably plays games with what is real and what isn’t, but just from seeing that trailer I want to see this film.

NaNoWriMo: The rise before the fall?

I have to say after my second day of NaNoWriMo yielded a pithy 269 words I was starting to think that I wouldn’t make it through. We had an unanticipated gig dropped on us which we’d agreed to go to months ago and forgotten about, so in between getting home from work, feeding the cats and ourselves and actually going to the gig there wasn’t much time left for writing. What little I did write I hammered out on my phone’s email client and emailed to myself while on the bus…

Yesterday however was another story both Avarinne had a presentation to prepare for so we both got up at 5:30 and I was working away on my NaNo by half six. I managed to bring my word count up to the region it should have been at by that point just in time to start work. And upon coming home I managed to pass an exceed my word count goal for yesterday.
All in all I’m in a good place word count wise at the moment, I’m 892 words ahead of where I should be, unfortunately I’ve no idea where the story is going next, fingers crossed I’ll figure something out today but I only have to write 700 words or so to stay on target, ideally I’ll smash through that and increase my slack to allow for stuff to go wrong later this month as I doubt that Tuesday’s surprise gig will be the only mishap to occur in my schedule.
I’m apprehensive but hopeful, I’m going to do my damnest to win NaNoWriMo this year.