Awesome Tron Costume Using EL Film Strips

Syuzi over at Fashioning Technology has posted some awesome pictures of her Halloween costume where she dressed up as Quorra From Tron Legacy. The really cool thing is She A. Made the costume herself and B. Is planning on posting a tutorial online in the next three weeks.

Via Fashioning Technology.

Author: Omar

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2 thoughts on “Awesome Tron Costume Using EL Film Strips”

  1. Wow O_O that is nice! A friend and I, (both girls btw), are doing a duel TRON costume get up for Halloween 2011. She’s going to be Rinzler, and I Tron. So, it’s the same design but I’m blue and she’s orange. We are also going to fix up a go-cart and light it up, too. Best Halloween EVER!

    But I’m kinda new on this EL light thing. They look very stringy. How did she get hers to look so flat and nice looking? I’m going to be taking a look at that tutorial. 😛

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