New letter to streamline the English language?

I’m a big fan of people coming up with pointless characters to “Streamline” the English language, I especially like the Interrobang which combines an exclamation mark and a question mark for when you are asking an excited question.

Blake Wright has decided that combining d and g to make a single character would make the alphabet more efficient, while I agree I think having a single character for “ch” and “sh” should be higher priority.

The Blake Wright » graphic < design.

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3 thoughts on “New letter to streamline the English language?”

  1. In the Russian alphabet, they have a ‘ch’ and a ‘sh’ letter. Of course, their alphabet is 33 letters long, so maybe it isn’t as streamlined as one would think.

    Oh, and they have a letter that has no sound at all (just influences pronounciation of the letters around it) and one letter that is a ‘shch’ sound.

    Man, I miss taking Russian….

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