If this had come out 2-3 years ago I’d have an iPhone.

Seriously the only issue I had with the iPhone at launch was a lack of a physical keyboard, and while I’ve learned to cope in the interim I would still prefer the option of having one on my HTC Desire. It’s not just an issue of tactile feedback, it’s a screen real-estate issue, the on-screen keyboard takes up space on the screen obscuring what I am typing, which is especially noticeable when I’m writing lengthy blog posts and emails.

Via Engadget.

Author: Omar

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2 thoughts on “If this had come out 2-3 years ago I’d have an iPhone.”

  1. But the Desire Z has a gimped processor in comparison to the Desire.

    They only ever seem to release rubbish phones with keyboards, when the top of the line is touch only. I want a good specced phone with a keyboard. This seems to be an impossibility.

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