Periodic Table of Irrational Nonsense

Why is it that everything becomes more clear when expressed as a periodic table? Crispian Jago went to an heck of a lot of effort to build up a taxonomy of nonsense and rubbish science. And then put the whole thing into a periodic table. Click on the image for the full size interactive version.

I Want This Jacket, Or Something Like It.

A few years ago I read about a jacket from Scot-E Vest which had 49 pockets, so you cold have all your gadgets and gizmo’s in it. I thought hey that’s cool but at $400 it was a bit pricey. I subsequently forgot about it and forgot the name of the company who made it, so even when I thought about buying it on a whim, or even investigating I couldn’t find it.

Now all of a sudden it’s been popping up in Google ads, and the one above is only $200, that’s an acceptable price I think, it’s only got 29 pockets, but I don’t think I need many more than that…


Forbidden Fruit: Illegal Fruits & Foods

Forbidden Fruit.

I’m sure I was having a conversation about Ortolan a couple of days ago, this is weird a list of foods that are illegal around the world, I knew that Haggis was hard to get a hold of in the States… But Illegal? Thats crazy…

Infographic by Culinary

100% of All Integers Contain At Least One “3”… Wait What?

Interesting mathematical proof that that 100% of all numbers contain at least one 3 and despite there being an infinite number of numbers that don’t…

How can this be? The solution is so surprising, it is difficult, if not impossible to believe that 100% of integers contain the digit three at least once. The simple fact that the number 8, for example, has exactly zero threes in it seems to dispute this.

Consider this: what percentage of the first ten numbers contains at least one three? That’s easy- ten percent; three and only three. What percentage of the first one hundred number contains at least one three? A slightly inflated nineteen percent. What percentage of the thousand numbers contains at least one three? Twenty-seven point one (27.1) percent.

The percentage of numbers with threes in them rises can be expressed as 1 – (.9)^n, where n is the number of digits. It reaches 99% at about the point where n has 42 digits.

The ratio of “threed” to “three-less” numbers at infinity would be 1 – (.9)^(Infinity), or 1.

It is interesting to note that there are also an infinite number of integers which do not contain the digit three. The simple progression “1, 11, 111, … ” illustrates this fact.

The Grey Labyrinth

3D Pixel 8Bit Characters

Artist *Cezkid on deviant art has created these really cool 3d 8 bit characters using Google Sketchup. Now I want animated versions of these for faux 3d versions of all my favourite 8Bit games.


Door Chain Maze!

When I moved into my house I found that they had put the door chain on the wrong was round so you had to pull the chain towards the opening to release the chain, I’ve always thought these things were  a little pointless, as they are held into the door frame with a tiny screw that will rip out of the wood if you put enough force on the door/kick it. I guess they are a deterrent allowing you to open the door and not have someone force themselves into your house, but if anyone really wants to force their way in they can.

Anyway… My feelings on door chains aside, this design featuring a labyrinthine path for you to get your door open will undoubtedly mean that you will die in a fire as you try to get out of your house… Aside from that it’s pretty funky…

Via DigsDigs.