The iPad: I Take It Back It’s Actually Pretty Cool

I’ve been a stark opponent of the iPad, I think as part of my Android advocacy I was blinded to this device and tarred it with the same brush I tar the iPhone. Initially I think the heinous price was my main issue; although I still think that the device is ridiculously expensive. I’ve still got some issues with missing features, notably the lack of an SD card slot.

However I’ve had a chance to play with Avarinne’s new iPad and I have to say I’m impressed, it’s not an oversized iPhone/iPod Touch, it’s a netbook without a physical keyboard running a sleek UI. The device its self is wonderfully thin, the screen is bright and crisp, and the battery lasts for ages.

Apps wise I have to admit that the apps available for the iPad knock the pants off anything that’s available in the Android market, not for functionality but for sheer polish. Many, note: not all, Android apps look like someone cobbled them together with gaffa tape in an evening from code they found on a tutorial online, while the fact that anyone can release an app to the Android market is a good thing it does mean that a lot of dross gets through, people even post their hello world applications to the market, sometimes opting to charge for them…

As much as I disagree with Apple’s review process, it does separate the wheat from the chaff, and I think because of this the wheat is overall of better quality. Also the fact that the iOS has Apple’s backing means that there are an awful lot of “Official” versions of games available, like Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne and Scrabble. All of these should be on the Android market none of them are.

I don’t know why they aren’t I think Android has the hacker community hooked, but it’s yet to convince big business that it’s a viable platform. Maybe they don’t want to take the risk of developing for a platform where people are used to getting everything for free? Maybe it’s the fact that it’s a lot easier to pirate Android software because you can install software that hasn’t come from the market? Maybe it’s the fact that despite the fact that Android is supposedly gaining market share over the iPhone, people who buy iPhones buy them because of the apps and people who buy Android phones buy then because they are what the guy in the shop recommends they get as the latest whizbang gizmo, so they don’t even bother to explore the apps.

It’s not like Android users don’t download good software when it is released, when Angry Birds was released for Android, so many people downloaded it that it brought down the servers of GetJar. With any luck that will prove to people that Android users are willing to download software. The problem is that they were all free downloads, Angry Birds on Android is add supported, so no one bought it.

I think that’s one of the major issues, Android users have a sense of entitlement to free software, if they can’t get it for free they don’t bother, or they pirate it. I’ve only bought one game on my phone, Avarinne has bought 2 and a live wallpaper. Contrast this with the fact that within minutes of getting her iPad Avarinne had bought several apps and was merrily playing about with them?

Are apps easier to find on the iPad? Are they better? Are they easier to buy? I don’t know. But do know that I am impressed with the iPad. I wouldn’t pay £600 odd pounds to get one outright because I never have that kind of money lying about, but I would consider paying £199 and then a monthly subscription for data to cover the cost, it just so happens that both Three and Orange have just announced that exact deal. £25/a month for 15 Gig internet on Three and £27-£25/month on Orange (Depending on whether you have an existing Orange contract) for just 1 Gig. Both at however 24 month contracts and you end up paying £200 more than you would have for the iPad had you bought in in store, that £200 is £40 less than you would have paid for £10/month contract for data though so it is a case of swings and roundabouts.

One of the things that stopping me from going for it now (Aside from the fact that I’m broke) is that I keep hearing rumours of an iPad 2 coming out possibly as soon as February, no doubt it will be more expensive and will have a slew of features that the current one doesn’t, I’m banking on:

  1. An SD Slot, possibly also a USB.
  2. A front facing camera for FaceTime
  3. A slightly better screen, I’d love it to be a PixelQi but thats doubtful
  4. A Faster (Dual Core?) processor.
  5. Slightly better battery life (I’d reckon 12-14 rather than current 10)
  6. HDMI mini out, or mini display port (Apple like Display Port)
  7. Better Support for mobile networks in the US which no one outside of America cares about.

Lets see if I’m right…

Author: Omar

Omar is the main/only contributor to He is a Computer Programmer based in Glasgow Scotland.

7 thoughts on “The iPad: I Take It Back It’s Actually Pretty Cool”

  1. And you mocked me when I bought one 😛

    I’ve moved quite far from Android these days. I’ve read a lot of reviews of handsets which note that software can’t be upgraded due to operator restrictions, the apps don’t seem as diverse as those on iOS and I think that overall, Google need to go down the route of Apple and MS as far as updates and hardware standards.

  2. Oh, incidentally, one of the best uses I’ve found for it (other than reading in bed, checking IMDB while watching TV, writing while out and about, reading RPG books…) is showing off photos. They always look so crisp and perfect presented on the screen. Much better then sending a link to Flickr.

    Of course, it’s probably far easier to sync photos on a Mac with iPhoto/Aperture then it is on Windows machines.

  3. We had some issues with photo’s it spent 4 hours synchronising all the photo’s on Annabel’s Laptop only to then say that it hadn’t managed to copy over 8 Gig of them. Namely all the ones off my DSLR. I don’t know why, but it kinda sucks as it would have been the perfect way to carry the pics around to show to people.

  4. They were JPEG not RAW. My biggest quibble with using any piece of Apple consumer technology is iTunes, it’s just rubbish. I Love my iPod Classic, I’m on my 4th at the moment, but iTunes is one of the worst pieces of software I have ever had to use on a regular basis, it’s gotten to the point where I’ve not synchronized my iPod in two years just to avoid iTunes…

  5. I can’t comment on this for obvious reasons, although there is a standalone camera connection kit that enables you to import photos to the iPad directly from an SD card.

    I’ve never heard anything but bad reports about iTunes from Windows users, which is a shame because it runs so well on a Mac :/

  6. I know about the camera connection kit, it just seems a real shame to have to plug such a cumbersome device onto such a sleek piece of kit. It feels ergonomically unsound.

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