Sony’s NGP announced: stuffed with tech, no price or release date

Wow Sony has just announced the PSP2, for the time being they are calling it the NGP (Next Gen Playstaion?), it looks fairly impressive They have put in a 5″ OLED screen which is slightly bigger than the 4.3″ one on the original PSP and they’ve added not one but two touch sensors, one on the screen and one on the back of the device, the one on the back is the same size as the one on the front allowing 1 to 1 mapping of input without obscuring the screen. While I think this is cool I’m a little dubious, I’ve got big hands and I don’t think I can hold the device for hours on end the way the person in the picture above is, I like to get my mitts round a system, and I don’t want to be accidentally doing stuff because my hand brushes against the rear touch sensor.

The specs are quite impressive:

  • CPU: ARM® Cortex™-A9 core (4 core)
  • GPU: SGX543MP4+
  • External Dimensions: Approx. 182.0 x 18.6 x 83.5mm (width x height x depth) (tentative, excludes largest projection)
  • Rear touch pad: Multi touch pad (capacitive type)
  • Cameras: Front camera, Rear camera
  • Sound: Built-in stereo speakers, Built-in microphone
  • Sensors: Six-axis motion sensing system (three-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer), Three-axis electronic compass
  • Location: Built-in GPS, Wi-Fi location service support
  • Keys / Switches: PS button, Power button, Directional buttons (Up/Down/Right/Left), Action buttons (Triangle, Circle, Cross, Square), Shoulder buttons (Right/Left), Right stick, Left stick, START button, SELECT button, Volume buttons
  • Wireless communications:
    • Mobile network connectivity (3G)
    • IEEE 802.11b/g/n (n = 1×1)(Wi-Fi) (Infrastructure mode/Ad-hoc mode)
    • Bluetooth® 2.1+EDR (A2DP/AVRCP/HSP)

But I wonder if all of that comes at the cost of battery life? The OLED screen will suck up less power but there is a lot going on under the hood there that will decimate the battery life.

This could be an amazing device there are a few things I’l like to know however:

Will it play video?

I must admit that I used my PSP for watching video more than I ever did gaming, the screen was just the right size for it.

Will it work as a Mobile/Skype Phone?

It’s got 3G and a microphone, can I make calls using it? I think the later PSP versions got a Skype application, this would be pretty cool, not that my mobile phone doesn’t already do this, but I might ditch my phone if my PSP could replace it, because lets face it I don’t use my phone as a phone much.

Does it come with a web browser?

The PSP did, it was rubbish but it did, with a 5″ touch screen this thing is as big as the Dell 5″ tablet, and would probably make for an okay browsing experience.

What is it running behind the scenes?

Sony have seemingly (From the screen shot) ditched the XMB they use in every other device, which to be honest is no big loss as the touch interface makes it redundant. But is this running a proprietary OS? Sony have been releasing a lot of Android phones and devices of late, and the “PSP Phone” is an android device, are Sony Computer Entertainment and Sony Ericsson talking to each other or are they working at ends to each other? Running android would make the device a great convergence device and would make it almost as much a competitor to the iPad as to the 3DS.

If Sony are following the same strategy as they are with the PS3 this would make sense, as it would allow the device to be an entertainment device which also plays games really well.

I’m sure I’ll think up more questions later, but assuming this comes out at a reasonable price, I’d consider buying one if some of the questions above were answered correctly…


Sony announcing that they will “Bring the Legendary Play Station Content To Android” implies that maybe this is running Android? Maybe it’s not…

Edit 2:

It appears there is a promo video…

Sony’s NGP announced: stuffed with tech, no price or release date.

Card Wars: Awesome Looking Indie Fighting Game

I Discovered this while randomly browsing TIGSource The other day, it’s a fighting game created using the MUGEN engine, and features just about every character from every game you can imagine. There are to be 36 playable characters such as Link (Zelda), Chrono (Chrono Trigger), X (Megaman), Cloud (Final Fantasy) as well as a slew of support characters from just about every game imaginable.

It looks really cool I can’t wait to give it a try, all the art is apparently original, but unfortunately the characters aren’t so lets hope that this get released in some form before the get a cease and desist letter from any of the hundreds of people whose trademarks they are violating…
[[ – Card Gallery – ]].

Really Creepy Comic Book Characters

Death by ~UMINGA on deviantART

Imagine all your favourite comic book characters were drawn by Roman Dirge. That is the sense that UMINGA evokes with his art, he’s done a slew of characters including Superman, Wolverine, and the  Sandman. He’s also done a whole lot of Harry Potter and Star Wars Inspired art all of which look amazing!
Above Death by ~UMINGA.

Dream Journal: Intrigue

I had an odd dream last night I was travelling to a castle with a group of friends, we were initially just sight seeing but when we got to the castle it turned out there was some government body based there.
I was queueing to get something done in the administrative wing of the castle and there was a woman I tears in front of me. I turned out age had a letter from her estranged husband who was holding her son captive. Each part of the letter was written in a different language including Arabic, Egyptian Hieroglyphics, and Mayan among others.
I helped translate the Arabic which they had made a complete mess of abduction it turned out the boy was being held in Saudi Arabia.
So I offered to put the woman in touch with someone who could help her get her son back.

Have Nintendo Missed a Trick with the 3DS?

I just had a thought that would make the 3DS awesome! unfortunately I think it’s too late to add it as a feature to the 3DS… The 3DS has a 3D screen, and WiFi and can take 3D pictures using the camera’s on the back of the device. unfortunately there is only one camera on side facing the user… If there were two… 3D Video chat! It would be like having a space age communicator thing in your hands! Oh well we’ll have to wait for the next generation, or an add on.

I’m not going to go into my thoughts on the pricing of the 3DS aside from the fact that I think it’s too expensive in the UK, $110 more than the US price… Seriously? What a rip off… I’d import on except for the fact that they are region locking it. At least the region locking is apparently optional and up to the game publisher, but also the store is different on a region by region basis, and I assume I’d want the UK store…

As it is I’ll probably wait it out till the price drops.

One cool note is the 3DS apparently has a web browser but it’s not preinstalled. You can apprently switch out of a game to browse and then switch back in, which as Kotaku rightly mention is perfect for looking up FAQs online

Image Via  TechSpot News.

Flashback: GMT: Mon, 13 Oct 2003 01:57:32 GMT

This is another flashback/archived post from my old blog… For reference sake the link at the start is a ridiculous multi monitor setup.
Again the only modifications I’ve made to this is correcting spelling.

Um blah I want One of these now that I have gotten that off my chest 4 pound to get into town today, then again given the taxi debacle yesterday i am glad I managed to find a cab straigt away woke up meandered about the flat and all of a sudden it was 20 to 4 and I had just come out of the shower 20 minutes to dress and get to king tuts. woo made it in record time did load in for The Jevas and farted about for twenty minutes tried to read my book got roped into counting T-shirts by their TM (Tour manager) and uh put a hole in their merchandise Table (oops).

Nic Armstrong (no web link because all the google links to them are in reference to The Jevas gigs and to someone else who has nothing to do with them) appeared at about uh half five-ish half an hour to load them in, really nice guys must say I hope they do well didn’t get to see them because I was doing security on the back stairs of tuts, but really nice guys… I got them on the Guest list at the QM so hopefully they A) managed to find it and B) Enjoyed themselves… Went to Rufus for Breakfast at half sixish and went back to Tuts Apparently I am supposed to get Stuart’s (There is only one now at Rufus) Girlfriend Gemma on the guest list for the KIngs of Leon at the academy. Will do my best but it’s a while away so he’d better remind me.

Back to Tuts for gig busy busy busy hundred things to do all of a sudden and uh managed barely to get venue prepped for gig mainly because the Nic Armstrong guys had left their kit all over the place in tuts and it had to be taken up to their van.

did gig backstairs not much fun, but heard the guy for the Jeevas warming up his voice which was amusing, did security side of stage for the main show the Jeevas are nto that bad, I think my first impression was that they would be like Kulashaker which I don’t think they are but then I don’t know….

Did the load out after a bit a faff and went to Budda to meet Chuck who was cashing up, after he cashed up we went to sleepless on Sauchihall street and stuff. Walked him to a bus stop and left him as the bus picked him up, managed to barely catch a 66 on Great western road and the driver was kind enough to let me ride for free, bonus makes up for having to pay 4 quid to get into work…

So I haven’t done much today but Um I am really tired so I’m off to bed all the same if you read this far you are more bored than I am as I am just doing a brain dump to mull over my day. This is kinda like a dear diary I guess but not as private… Or am I making this all up who cares…

Need to come up with an interface for the main site and fuck about with this blog program to make to look nice and consistent. apart from that I’m away to either bed or Photoshop… Depends on what happens when I stand up…

Flashback: Sun, 12 Oct 2003 05:27:18 GMT

I’ve decided to post a few posts from my old blog which I had before I installed WordPress, they have been languishing in the database completely unreadable. They may be complete trash but I figured I’d post them anyway.

At the time I was working as a “Roadie” doing technical and non technical stuff at gigs across Glasgow

The only editing I’ve done to this was to correct the abysmal spelling…

So this is officially my uh first blog post, that’s nice I have no idea what to write here apart from that this is officially my first post on my very own uh blog. Isn’t that nice…

What did I do today, very little to be quite frank, woke up got phoned and asked if I could be in King tuts for 2 (this was at half 1) I looked at watch and realised this and said no… I went back to bed and got phoned again asking if I could be in tuts for 8 to this I said yes…  So I went to Tuts at 8 exactly what happened between 2ish and 8 is beyond me. I know that I left the flat at seven and I know that checking my email was involved possibly even some Slashdot might have been involved as well bumped into Gav outside Buchanan street underground and uh bought 4 doughnuts for 40p (I think they were gonna go off in a day or so, oh well they can go off in my belly) gave one to the homeless guy outside Sainsburys and went to Rufus T-firefly for a pint of Cola. I got to Tuts and found out who was playing it was Damien Rice supported by Carrie Tree. Was not impressed Damien Rice is playing the Academy early next year and thats about the only time I had heard of him.

I usually hate the bands that I work for, for instance The Cosmic Rough Riders were terrible on Friday although it was funny seeing the bands family members enjoying the gig (they are a Glasgow band).

Anyway back to today: Carrie Tree was inoffensive, quiet hippie music single guitar one little girl in a sari singing about stuff that make hippies happy it would seem. Stuff she wrote in Australia and India, sleepy music like I said inoffensive not bad but not particularly good. Damien Rice however was actually quite good this was the first time I have been pleasantly surprised by a gig I have worked at that I had never heard of the artist before since Gerry Cantrel played at the Garage a while ago (even then I just didn’t know that he was the front man thing from Alice in Chains that was quite a good gig too) Very calm mellow rock with and amazing voice and some funky effects, Damien Rice that is, the guys Irish and they can all apparently sing so I am lead to believe…

Um after Tuts I went to The Cathouse with Chuck and stayed there till closing, walked most of the way home with Chuck, Roland and Roland’s Girlfriend Caroline, theorising about the ways of taxis and you know it never rains but it pours 40 minutes and an obtuse route home and we find 5 free taxis in the one place took one to byres road, paid for it and walked home, had to slow down because of scary drunk man who was actually cutting a zig zagged path accross the road, waited till he passed by the door to my flat and made a rush for it.

Home sweet home found out that Sam had sorted out my webspace, cheers Sam. and uh have been fiddling with it ever since.

I’m going to go to bed now as it is 6:15 on Sunday morning and I have to be in King Tuts at 4pm tomorrow to do The Jeevas I managed to avoid them last year at The QM’s Freshers week but then again then I thought they might be quite good I have since learnt that Kula Shaker (of whom the Jeevas feature Chrispin Mills) are more stoner crap music than the banging hip hop dance trance that I thought they might be for some reason I got them mixed up with Leftfield who are quite good. Any way need to sleep…

I only have one hope and that is that all the Html links in this are parsed properly, well that and that I get to sleep in a reasonable amount of time. Um thats two I could go for the whole Monty Python joke thing and say well I have only two hopes and add a third one but to be quite frank I can be arsed and I cant think of a third hope apart from something miss worldy like world peace and that’s a shit hope because it will never happen.

Good night.

Dear Square-Enix: Please Move On…

When Hammer of Games of State asked on twitter if anyone he knew had completed FFXIII and would play FFXIII-2 I thought he was referring to Final Fantasy XIII Versus which is AFAIK yet to be released, but no, Squeenix have decided that Final Fantasy XIII wasn’t bad enough they are making a sequel… Seriously…

The internet is already teeming with whiny fanboys asking why they didn’t do a sequel of one of the good Final Fantasies so I’m not going to go there. I guess it makes sense, you spend millions developing the IP and Models for a game these days why not write a sequel to the game and recycle the characters and 3D models? Meh… I actually care so little about this I can’t be bothered ranting about it, that is saying something…

On a completely unrelated note is the music at the end of that video not from Bleach?

Via YouTube – Final Fantasy XIII-2 Debut Trailer.

Dream Journal: Post Nuclear Apocalypse?

It seems I’ve been playing too much Fallout 3 and watching Avarinne play too much Fallout: New Vegas, I had two dreams in a row the past couple of nights about a nuclear apocalypse happening.

The first I don’t remember much about aside from the fact that East Kilbride had been hit by a Nuke and I was running away from the fallout. Society was breaking down and there was panic for food. It’s all a bit sketchy in that way that dreams fade if you don’t try write them down straight away.

The second last  night I dreamt that there had been an nuclear apocalypse 1,000 years ago and somehow I’d slept through it and just woken up. I was holed up with a group of people in a large library in a largely destroyed London and we were fighting to survive.

Apparently no one could read the “Old text” in the books in the library, of course being from 1,000 years in the past I could. So I started looking for books of maps to aid with my foraging.

There was a race of goblin like people that only came out at night, they apparently had a history of raiding the library while everyone was asleep and everyone was scared of them. At one point I caught on of them in the act and it turned out the reason they were raiding the library was because they were obsessed with Disney, and were stealing Disney picture  books. I apparently had my laptop with me and it had survived the 1,000 years I’d been asleep and had a collection of Disney movies on it. I offered to broker a peace treaty with the goblins by giving them copies of the Disney movies so that they could watch them.

Nintendo Are Region Locking the 3DS!

I’m not sure how reliable the source for this is at the only citation they have for it is an email in Korean, and I can’t translate the email using Google translate because it’s an image of the email… But…

I wasn’t aware the DSi was region locked, I’m gutted that the 3DS will be though. As a “World Traveller” I’ve always just bought games wherever I was and expected them to work on my hand held gaming device. I kind of understand why you’d region lock a home console, it’s unlikely to see use outside of the country it was purchased in, although both the PS3 and the X-Box 360 are for the most part region free.

The whole point of a portable is that you can take it on holiday with you, when on holiday if you happen to complete the game that you brought with you you should be able to buy another game to play while you are out there, you shouldn’t have to wait till you get home…

I’d skipped the DSi and was looking forward to the next iteration of the DS hardware to jump back on the bandwagon, but this is very close to a deal breaker for me… India.